This #AskSCHED session focuses the Sched and Eventbrite integration as well as adding video stream links to your sessions.

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Here’s an outline with time stamps so you can skip to the parts relevant to you:

[1:09] – Our attendees did not always receive our emails. How do you deal with emails not being received by attendees?

[2:09] – What do you recommend for audience and speaker engagement prior to the event?

[4:38] – How do you recommend managing ticket add-ons?

[6:57] – Have you thought of a solution for if someone is in your event and they can see every video in your event?

[8:24] – Is opening the Sched event syncing?

[11:24] – How long before the event do you recommend syncing Eventbrite and Sched?

[12:07] – So they can access Sched as soon as they buy a ticket as long as sync is enabled?

[12:22] – How can I use Sched and Zoom in live sessions?

[15:33] – How do we stagger attendees signing up for sessions in our event based on their Eventbrite ticket?

[23:25] – I’m hosting my first event next week. What is the best way to ask questions of Sched once I start building the event?

[24:36] – Can the video stream link can be Zoom or Google Meet?

[26:31] – Do you recommend pasting the entire zoom invite with call-in phone numbers?

[30:03] – Where can I find the link for Google Meet to add to Sched?