This #AskSCHED session focuses on many of the general features of Sched such as how to use types and sub-types, registration and ticketing integration, and a review of using our spreadsheet import technique to update information within your event.

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Here’s an outline with time stamps so you can skip to the parts relevant to you:

[3:24] – Is there a reason why the “feedback form closes automatically?

[5:10] – Can I use an interactive map?

[7:07] – Do you plan to offer a way for logged-in attendees to converse with each other (everyone and one-on-one) in the app without requiring them to have an account in another system (e.g., Slack)?

[10:19] – Will Sched eventually have integration with other ticketing platforms such as Ticket Tailor?

[13:08] – Do you provide support for implementing and testing of your API?

[15:49 – If you edit your schedule and attendees have already started building theirs, what happens?

[19:26] – Review of using Excel spreadsheet to upload sessions.

[25:06] – Beginning registration before schedule completion.

[26:30] – What is the difference between track, type and sub-type?

[30:16] – Are session video links exported to the calendar, when an attendee exports their schedule?