In this session we go over using Sched for virtual and hybrid events and how to add video stream links to sessions. We also talk about creating an engaging environment for virtual attendees and considerations for accessibility.

Below is an outline with time stamps so you can skip to the questions relevant to you:

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1:30 – Optimizing accessibility – Do you have app and web accessibility for people with disabilities?

4:38 – Can you use this platform for ticket sales?

6:22 – How can you use Sched for hybrid events?

10:49 – How does Sched create a unique inviting environment that reduces the “lost in virtual landscape” syndrome? Any tips on building an intentional environment that is inclusive and engaging?

16:15 – We are using SCHED for the first time, but we know we want to add a hybrid track to our face-to-face conference. I saw the place to insert a streaming link our our end, I have no idea how to set it up. Is their a third-party application that is recommended for integration like Eventbrite integrates with the app?

17:20 – How do you get the Zoom code?

19:36 – Is there a way to send out notifications with messages to attendees during the event?

22:44 – Is there a timeline to set up a virtual event?

25:30 – For Zoom meetings, is it better to set a room password or a waiting room?

27:50 – Regarding accessibility, I have a question about color blindness, and any aspects of visual impairment would be worth learning about, since we are using color code on the events to separate programs.