This #AskSCHED session focuses on virtual and hybrid events with tips and best practices for managing speakers and attendees.

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Here’s an outline with time stamps so you can skip to the parts relevant to you:

0:02 – What size does the speaker photo need to be?
0:46 – Using Sched to manage COVID-19 vaccine appointment.
1:26 – Upload videos from speakers in a remote area where bandwidth is a big problem. Can speakers upload their own video?
2:27 – Best practices for making sure attendees sign up for Sched.
4:05 – What problems and issues regularly arise during an event?
6:42 – Can you delete an event if it hasn’t gone live?
8:00 – What are best practices for securing my Sched site so only registered participants can access it? I will be using Eventbrite for my registration platform.
10:29 – How do I best handle speakers with titles, pronouns, long titles, or long company names without messing up the alphabetical order?
12:09 – Is there a reason why the feedback form closes automatically? It would be preferable for the end-user to determine the “close” date.
13:51 – How do you schedule an event?
15:25 – Is there an efficient way to pre-register attendees for specific sessions?
16:54 – For a virtual event with Zoom and video embedding, how does Sched prevent those not signed up for the specific session from viewing or accessing the content?
19:07 – How do you manage the logistics of a hybrid event?
20:29 – Additional virtual hosting and training services available through Sched.
21:19 – We hope to run a live in-person graduation on two separate days. We also plan to create a pre-recorded version of these events and create a virtual graduation including some of the clips of the in-person graduation. How do we make this clear and simple to the user?
23:40 – Is there an event-wide communication feature on the main event page? And if not, can we embed a third party app, like Yammer or Arena?