This #AskSCHED session focuses on virtual and hybrid events with tips and best practices for managing speakers and attendees.

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Here’s an outline with time stamps so you can skip to the parts relevant to you:

[00:47] Q1: Is it possible to use Sched as a virtual networking space? If not, which tools would be best to use with it?

[05:12] Q2: What are some new features of Sched on the horizon over the next 6 months or so? Are there any plans to implement a live chat feature for virtual or hybrid events?

[08:14] Q3: Can you add more than six items in the navigation bar? Can you disable the speaker draft email approval system?

[12:07] Q4: How does a hybrid event actually works – synchronous, asynchronous, streaming, and tech stuff?

[17:33] Q5: Is there any way to track who or how many people have clicked on a “Video Stream” link for a virtual conference?

[20:33] Q6: A demo of all of the features offered in the middle-tier plan.

[28:30] Q7: Basic tips for importing the attendee spreadsheet