Is this session we go over the best ways to share SCHED with your attendees and how your attendees can access all your event details through the SCHED app as well as details on managing duplicate profiles and how to prevent them.

Below is an outline with time stamps so you can skip to the questions relevant to you:

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0:54 – Is there a way for us to customize our messages?

3:35 – Is Support available on weekends?

5:00 – Can we direct attendees to for help with passwords or other SCHED questions?

7:09 – Is there a SCHED App?

7:55 – How do I prevent duplicate profiles?

10:32 – How can I add an already existing speaker to a session?

11:42 – How do I add speakers when editing a session?

14:46 – How to set filters for guests to choose sessions.

17:40 – How to upload conference content (info of schedule, presentations, presenters, etc.).

22:31 – How to integrate the registrations on Eventbrite.

25:14 – How to schedule session tracks.

28:59 – How to start marketing the SCHED app to your community and let them know how they can access the information on SCHED.

30:09 – Is there a way to best organization the questions on Google form if you’re using it to collect information from presenters?

31:45 – Explain exhibitor and sponsor video streams on their profiles.