We’ve had an integration with Eventbrite for many years now but a new feature released on January 15th, 2020 really had me thinking about the huge promotional benefit of using our two solutions together. Aside from fulfilling the job of processing registration payments or ticket sales for your event, Eventbrite + Sched creates a unique platform for targeting different segments of attendees. While having one key intended audience is crucial for your overall promotional strategy, multi-track events always have several unique audiences. You’ve been creating panels and building an experience that will impact attendees with a variety of interests. What’s the best way to help them discover your event?

DeveloperWeek in San Francisco has been using Sched + Eventbrite to grow its events since 2016. This flagship event brings together 8,000 attendees, and they’re a shining example of creating a space focused on one common topic but available to so many unique branches that stem out of that one overarching theme, development. DeveloperWeek shows us two simple ways to grow your event:

1. Create tracks to target unique audiences

At the highest tiered registration option, participants had the opportunity to dive deep into learning opportunities with technical workshops. Pro Workshops & Sessions required a specific ticket so attendees looking for more could sign up but it didn’t block out someone who might be interested in stopping by the expo floor or watching the keynote speakers only.

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2. Build dedicated pages

DeveloperWeek releases tickets by setting up several different Eventbrite pages. This allows them to effectively communicate all the amazing opportunities that take place under the blanket of one larger vision and gives attendees the chance for a build-your-own-adventure type experience. 

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Author: Rachel Drudi

As an event producer and creative collaborator, with a focus on community relations and a passion for design thinking, Rachel helps create and manage experiences on and offline; working at the intersection between ideation and execution. Rachel is here to help you set your business and event apart by focusing on the way your customers, clients, and community interact and engage with you. She especially loves working with companies that are just getting started.