When organizing an event where there are both face-to-face and virtual interactions, it’s easy to forget about its dual nature. On one hand, you need to ensure that everything goes smoothly in person. On the other hand, you need to keep a close eye on the virtual sessions and experiences.

This is why having a tech moderator is so important. A tech moderator is someone who serves as a bridge between your virtual attendees, your face-to-face participants, and your speakers. Here’s everything you should know about the role of a tech moderator for hybrid events.

A Bridge Between Two Sides

As mentioned above, a tech moderator is a bridge between your virtual attendees and the event itself. They will connect everyone participating in your event and ensure that nobody feels left out. For hybrid events, this is particularly important because of the way such events are structured.

Being able to act as tech help, commentator, and general online participant representative is a huge benefit to all event participants.

There is always a concern that hybrid events might cause some participants to feel disconnected. Another concern is in the difficulty to create a well-crafted atmosphere for such events to ensure no virtual divide. This is why having someone like a tech moderator is crucial for joining these two sides together and creating an immersive experience for all participants.

A Technician on the Scene

Another reason you want to have a tech moderator is that this person is a technician on the scene. A tech moderator will catch any technical problems with video, sound, and more. They my be able to either solve these issues immediately. In many cases, they’ll be the go-between to alert your on-site team of the issues.

That way, any problems and be quickly resolved, leaving no lapse in sessions for your online attendees.

Michelle Connelly, an expert from the research paper writing service sites, puts it this way: “You can’t expect to have absolutely no technical issues no matter how many preparations you go through beforehand. Once you do get such problems, it’s better to have a specialist to help out right there on-site instead of desperately trying to find one elsewhere.”

A Valuable Helper for the Speaker

Because the tech moderator is the bridge between the virtual and the face-to-face sides of your event, they could also become a valuable helper for your speakers. For example, a tech moderator could organize a pre-event introduction to prepare the audience for the speaker who is about to start presenting.

Likewise, a tech moderator can make the immersion even better by using the camera in motion. They can film the speaker from different angles or follow a speaker as he walks around the site where the event takes place. This will make such presentations more dynamic and could engage the virtual (and the in-person) audience even more.

A Voice for the Virtual Attendees

Speaking of the virtual audience, a good tech moderator will know how and when to be the voice of the virtual attendees. While those tuning into the webcast can hear and see your event, they rarely get the chance to actively engage with other participants unless someone reads all the requests in the chat. This is something a tech moderator could do to give the virtual attendees a voice.

Frederic O’Leary, an expert from the dissertation services sites, explains that, “Virtual participants also want to have a say and will likely get frustrated if they can only be passive spectators. Instead, a tech moderator gives them a voice and helps their opinions and questions to be heard by the speaker and by in-person attendees.”

Professional to Increase Engagement

Having a tech moderator can help increase engagement between all attendees. It’s important to encourage your virtual attendees to participate just as much as face-to-face attendees do to ensure they feel included as part of your event. The value of this is immeasurable, and will ensure your hybrid event is successful.

A good tech moderator will field questions and comments, and prompt discussions in the chat. They’ll act as the voice of the chat to those participants who are attending in person. They can also provide commentary on things that are happening at the event that can’t be seen on the webcast.

Their presence and keen attention to the flow of each session a great way to make your audience truly feel the atmosphere and engage in different activities at the event.

Final Thoughts

Having a tech moderator at your hybrid event can help you solve a variety of problems while also preventing disastrous situations. Even if you’ve never worked with a tech moderator before, it’s worth looking into how you can find one for your event.

There is so much potential and value in having tech moderators as as resources within your event no matter the format.