Have you joined us for one of our weekly #AskSCHED webinars yet?

To help our customers, as well as organizers at large, we’re holding regular “Ask Sched” sessions to teach the basics and also answer your questions live. 

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This week we covered:

  1. Overview/Getting Started with Sched [1:00]
  2. Clarify PD (professional development) [2:52 and 6:21]
  3. Scheduling students into different class options [3:38]
  4. Custom Tags [8:05]
  5. Attendees paying by PO for events [12:04]
  6. Who can access the event and what privacy options we have for video streams [13:52]
  7. How to download spreadsheets [18:00]
  8. One spreadsheet to rule them all? [19:08]
  9. Speakers with existing profiles [22:33]
  10. How to search for possible duplicate profiles [23:32]
  11. Timezones [24:22]
  12. New features update [26:24]

Watch the session on-demand and skip ahead to the demos that are important to you.

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Author: Stacy Austin

While Stacy leads the company’s onboarding and ongoing support for thousands of customers worldwide, she is also instrumental in the launch and execution of every individually custom-built event app, fully helping organizers to create the best event experience for their attendees. She is a key driver of Sched’s unique remote-only company culture. Fostering a culture based on respect and transparency by putting people first has always been her #1 priority. She believes that, by encouraging trust in our team to deliver the best product and services, the end result is happy, satisfied customers. Including her time at Sched, she has the experience of 7 years in tech, 7 years in client-facing customer service, and 4 years of teaching at the university level.