Watch the recording from last week’s #AskSCHED webinar. We discussed a number of topics and did live demos to fully cover best practices for setting up your event with Sched.

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Here’s an outline of what we covered and timestamps so you can skip to the parts that are most pressing for you:

  • 1:52: Embed functionality – direct people to your website or to your Sched site?
  • 4:15: Setting up Zoom Meeting & Webinar links within Sched.
  • 6:47: Does Sched integrate with CRMs and Eventbrite?
  • 11:51: Best practices for updating and moving sessions within Sched.
  • 15:51: Can speakers see unpublished sessions to edit as needed?
  • 16:32: How should you send Zoom links to attendees?
  • 22:22: Best practices for updating sessions via spreadsheet.
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Author: Stacy Austin

While Stacy leads the company’s onboarding and ongoing support for thousands of customers worldwide, she is also instrumental in the launch and execution of every individually custom-built event app, fully helping organizers to create the best event experience for their attendees. She is a key driver of Sched’s unique remote-only company culture. Fostering a culture based on respect and transparency by putting people first has always been her #1 priority. She believes that, by encouraging trust in our team to deliver the best product and services, the end result is happy, satisfied customers. Including her time at Sched, she has the experience of 7 years in tech, 7 years in client-facing customer service, and 4 years of teaching at the university level.