Best Virtual Event Management Software 2021

The landscape of events has changed drastically in 2020.  These changes will be in effect for the foreseeable future as virtual events remain prominent for 2021. By the end of 2021, more hybrid events might even be popular, combining both in-person and online capabilities when possible. The transition from in-person events, conventions and festivals can be a difficult one to navigate, so it is important that the tools you use to plan these events are up to the task.

We scoured through event management software solutions and found what we believe are the best platforms to help you execute your virtual events seamlessly.

(1) Sched

Sched Our event management software has been trusted by thousands of events such as Comic-Con, Wanderlust Festivals, Startup Week and more. Our software is designed to be simple to use without sacrificing any of the features that are crucial to event execution.

  • Virtual and hybrid support
  • Interactive website to host your event
  • Setup and Event Support – We understand the transition from in-person to virtual can be tough. That’s why we can help you get set up and provide continuous support throughout your event
  • Attendee networking with Twitter feeds, Slack and Discord
  • Live video and recorded content integration available for sessions
  • View sessions on Sched event sites in any time zone thanks to the time zone selection feature

(2) Bizzabo

Bizzabo Get the most engagement out of your audience with a virtual event experience that is nearly as impactful as in-person events. Whether your attendees are within the same organization, or spread across the world, Bizzabo can accommodate all.

  • Webcast live sessions
  • Robust engagement tools
  • Real-time insights
  • Maximize engagement with polls, surveys, Q&A, and more

(3) Pheedloop

Pheedloop Pheedloop offers an affordable virtual event solution for people hosting conferences, academic meetings, and more. Pheedloop allows you to run multi-track schedules to attendees with real-time chat. With Pheedloop’s virtual event management software, you can engage with thousands of attendees right from your own home.

  • Concurrent streams
  • Real-time chat
  • Live engagement
  • Video Networking
  • Virtual Exhibitors
  • Video Hosting

(4) Cvent

Cvent Host amazing interactive virtual events with Cvent’s all-in-one virtual event solution. Make the most of your virtual event experience with everything you need to manage your event and engage your attendees — no matter where they are. Cvent brings planners and speakers together to collaborate on key virtual event decisions.

  • Seamless full-branded experience
  • Native mobile app
  • Embedded live video
  • Up to 500 participants
  • Virtual exhibitor booths

(5) Aventri

Aventri Streamline your processes and enjoy the flexibility of Aventri’s fully integrated virtual event platform. Plan, promote, and execute all your virtual events in one place. With registration, live sessions and online event hall for attendees, this event management software has it all.

  • Live streaming sessions
  • Fully integrated registration experience
  • End-to-end security
  • Interactive sessions

(6) Attendify

Attendify Attendify’s virtual event platform aims to provide a virtual experience that feels like an in person event. Attendify helps you engage with all of your attendees, provides meaningful networking features and top-notch content experiences for all of your events.

  • Integrated streaming
  • Polling and Q&A
  • List of attendees in the session for easy networking
  • Simple user interface to make for a seamless experience

(7) Pathable

Pathable Pathable offers a Virtual Event Platform that is easy to use for attendees, exhibitors and speakers. Pathable’s virtual event platform covers the crucial components of successful events whether they be offline, virtual or hybrid. Pathable also offers a nice mobile app for all event types that give you the same seamless functionality of the desktop experience.

  • Immersive Content & Learning
  • Seamless Networking & Building Connections
  • Interactive Exhibitor Elements
  • Collaboration & Interactivity
  • Insights & Analysis

(8) EventMobi

Eventmobi EventMobi offers an end-to-end solution that contains everything you need to plan and manage your events, online or in-person. With EventMobi, you will have all of the tools and tech you need to give your attendees a great experience in a single, easy-to-use event management platform.

  • Event Registration
  • Event Apps
  • Virtual Space
  • Analytics
  • Polls & Surveys + Q&A

Winner: SCHED


Our virtual event management software is our favorite for 2021, especially due to how easy it is to transition from in-person events to virtual or hybrid events . Our team is standing by to help you with the setup and configuration of your virtual event to make the process as simple as possible. Sched allows you to set up your virtual event for FREE before publishing it, giving you all the time you need to get things just right. With our Zoom integration, the ability to host pre-recorded and live content, and world class support, Sched has everything you need to make your virtual events a success!

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Author: Jessica Kent

Jessica brings over 15 years of customer success and technical support knowledge to Sched, paralleled with more than 10 years of experience organizing events such as skill exchange festivals, fundraisers, comedy showcases, independent theatrical productions, and more. She enjoys advocating for her customers and providing people with the tools they need to be successful in any situation. Making your day even just a little bit easier is her favorite thing to do. Outside of Sched, Jessica seeks out activities involving pinball, cats, coffee consumption, and gardening.