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Ticketsocket Integration

5 Ways Sched and TicketSocket Can Increase Event Sales

The challenges seen by the event industry over the past year have been tremendous. The creativity that’s come out of this obstacle has been inspiring to say the least. ‌ At Sched, we’ve remained committed to the amazing event organizers, working to create engaging solutions for every challenge COVID-19 presented. To continue to build an…

Event Feedback

Gathering, Responding To & Implementing Event Feedback

Introduction You can drastically improve your future events by simply taking in what the audience has to say about your current one. Receiving and responding to ​event feedback​, using a ​feedback form, for example, is an important step towards growth and towards learning about the audience’s experience. Positively receiving and reviewing your feedback over the…

Virtual Event Platform

Easily Add Video Streams To Your Sessions

Adding video and livestream links to your sessions just got a whole lot easier. Using our session import spreadsheet, you can now add all of your video stream links with just a few clicks. Watch this brief demo to learn more:

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More Networking! Add Video Streams to Profiles

We’re all trying to figure out how to recreate those magical moments that happen at in-person and live events, where participants from attendees to speakers and sponsors and also the event staff have organic connections and memorable experiences. Whether it’s an hour long conversation that sparks between strangers after sitting next to each other during…

Green And Cream Modern Sales Marketing Presentation

Session Video Streams in the Mobile Apps

iOS v1.14.0 and Android 1.17.2 are now available for download in their respective app stores. What’s New: Knowing when to attend something is crucial. The app now displays timezones on the schedule and in the session details. Video streams are more important than ever. We’ve added support for our Video Stream buttons to watch and…

Feature Release

Support Every Timezone

We keep hearing it from event organizers and we’ve been pleasantly surprised ourselves, going online with events completely opens up your audience. Now anyone from all over the world can attend and get something out of your thoughtful content. With that barrier for entry lowered, everyone who may not have been able to travel to…

Ticketsocket Logo

Synchronized Registration and Schedule Management with TicketSocket and SCHED | New Integration

Sched is committed to helping you create raving fans for your organization through events. One way organizations can do this is by simplifying their registration systems. Consistent with these goals, we’re proud to announce a new and exciting integration with TicketSocket, a simple and powerful platform for ticketing and registration solutions. Synchronize & Automate Registration…

Critical Event Marketing Strategies

2 Simple Ways to Grow Your Event

We’ve had an integration with Eventbrite for many years now but a new feature released on January 15th, 2020 really had me thinking about the huge promotional benefit of using our two solutions together. Aside from fulfilling the job of processing registration payments or ticket sales for your event, Eventbrite + Sched creates a unique…

The History Of Emojis

The History of Emojis

I may work in tech and I might be the technical writer here at Sched but I don’t always understand how something is made possible on our event management software. When the developer team announced that the awesome event organizers on Sched can now use Emojis in most fields across the platform, our Slack chat…

Speaker Tools

Your Speakers Have the Power

What seems like a tiny change and small feature release can often be a journey that spans several years, many requests, and careful consideration. For this particular update, it all started in May 2018 when GDPR went into effect. As a global event management software, we took it seriously to be in compliance with how…