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Why Does Event Planning Software Cost So Much?

Why does event planning software cost so much?

Rising inflation was a recurring theme filling the 2022 news cycle. As we watched inflation impact our 2022 budgets, it often felt like we could do little more than hold our breath and subject ourselves to higher costs. Event planners are scrambling, and a lack of transparent pricing when comparing conference scheduling software only adds…

Budget Pig

Conference costs skyrocket as budgets freeze

As in-person conferences, meetings, and festivals return in force, event planners realize that their dusty 2019 budgets are no longer enough. While consumer inflation is consistently logging cost increase levels not seen in forty years, these consumer numbers pale compared to the increases that event planners are staring down. By some estimates, event inflation has…

No Surprises Pricing

No Surprises Event Management Software Pricing

Event management software prices will surprise many. As expensive as it is to host an in-person or virtual event, the software used to plan, promote, register, schedule, educate, communicate and report on that event, can put a serious dent into any conference, festival, or meeting budget. But what’s worse, is how much effort it takes…