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Best Event Management Software

Best Event Management Software 2021

What is Event Management Software? Event management software contains a wide range of software products that are used to manage professional and academic conferences, conventions, trade shows, music festivals and can even be used for smaller events. Using event management software can help organize and simplify the planning and execution of these events by eliminating…

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4 Easy Ways To Create A Fun, Rewarding Online Experience

As a personal trainer who coaches in person, Stephanie Wilberding immediately pivoted to offering online workouts while we are all staying at home. Aside from a well planned and coached workout, she quickly discovered it was also important that people left the call feeling seen and connected. These few practices can be applied to any…

How To Market Your Virtual Event

Webinar: How To Market Your Virtual Event – With Allan Dib

What is your marketing strategy to maximize attendance and sell out your virtual conferences and events? How will you ensure that your current audience will attend future virtual meetings and events? How do you accurately price tickets and get registrations for your virtual events? The events industry is coping up with drastic changes caused by…

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Help Your Attendees Network Remotely

During these times of isolation, it’s great to be able to still come together and work on our professional selves. If you’re nervous about making the leap to replace your in-person conference with a fully virtual event, here are some tips to help your attendees network remotely around an online webinar or meeting.

Virtual Education Event Organizer Panel

SCHED Panel | Educational Organizations + Virtual Events

During our most recent panel, five experienced education professionals discussed all things virtual events. They shared stories with us about what went well and what they’ve learned in the last few months after moving to fully virtual events. We invite you to discover how educators and learners are staying informed, continuing to network and encouraging…

Educational Virtual Events

6 Tips For Virtual Education Conferences

Digital Promise leads meetings and summits for education leaders, researchers, and technology developers in a commitment to improve learning opportunities for all and close the Digital Learning Gap. Operations Manager, Sara Rosenthal, reflected on all the aspects of their virtual event that helped create an engaging and accessible experience.  Here are six simple tips she…


How To Price Virtual Conferences

We asked event organizers about their biggest event marketing challenges. Though results were close, they reported that determining what price to charge for virtual events was their biggest challenge. We advocate that people price things based on the value they create and not entirely on their input costs. While many of us are moving to…

Engage Remote Audiences

9 Ways To Engage Your Remote Audience

While it’s tempting to get it all done in a day, we discourage making a virtual event 8 hours long. It’s best to host events for shorter periods over multiple days, for the best experience of your team, speakers, and attendees. This is your time to be innovative and creative. Using Sched for your virtual…

Contingency Plan For Virtual Events

Contingency Plans For Virtual Conferences

Nothing ever goes 100% according to plan especially when it comes to virtual events. We always suggest having backup plans because in times of crisis people usually default to their level of preparation. With this in mind we share with you our top tips for virtual event contingency planning. Watch Demo Creating & Sharing A…


5 Tips For Virtual Conference Speaker Success

Check out our on-demand webinar How To Run Successful Virtual Events! Our team loves creating and producing virtual conferences, meetings and events! We have suffered from a few missteps and have learned not only from our own experiences but also from other virtual event organizers and producers. Today we bring you some of our top…