Sched gave over 300 recent conference attendees a choice in afternoon snacks and asked them for their preferences. A whopping 74% prefer healthy snacks over the 26% that chose unhealthy midday snacks.

Attendees were given 8 possible options and asked for their favorite option. Cheese and crackers were selected by 30% of all attendees followed by fresh fruit (24%) and vegetables (11.9%). The leading unhealthy snacks were chocolate chip cookies (9%).

For purposes of this survey, both the cheese & crackers and the granola bars options were deemed as “healthy” snacks, but it should be said that how the “healthy” vs. unhealthy line is drawn is subjective.

When it comes to midday snacks, it seems clear that event planners can opt for a simple “grab and go” format and should not be shy about leaning toward healthy options.

Top choice of Conference Attendees for their midday snack

Cheese and crackers 30.2%
Fresh fruit 23.9%
Fresh vegetables 11.9%
Chocolate chip cookies 9.1%
Granola bars 7.5%
Cakes & pastries 6.6%
Chips or pretzels 6.3%
Ice cream 4.4%

Source: Sched Research 2022-10