Hosting live conferences has become a complex issue with the main focus on the health and safety of attendees. Many attendees still want to attend virtual from their homes. Still, with various government regulations and social restrictions’ cancellation, many companies get permission to host live venues with a limited number of guests.

Include the virtual audience in the conference can even increase the total number of attendees which brings lots of benefits. The hybrid event allows mixing the benefits from both in-person and virtual events. This unique type of event has no strict regulations or rules yet. Event writers, at the service where you can hire writers, are sure that planners can demonstrate their creativity to organize events in this great new format. You will not find any official tutorials on how to host a hybrid event. Still, you can learn and use the following tips for hosting hybrid events to succeed.

Key Benefits of a Hybrid Event

Hybrid events combine the benefits of both in-person and virtual events. You can host a trade show, conference, or any other meeting and gain lots of benefits for you or your company. There are a few key benefits of hybrid events presented below:

  • Even Larger Audience. Even if the COVID-19 restrictions have forced companies to limit the number of attendees, hybrid events allow adding a virtual audience. Besides, you can potentially get an even bigger audience eventually. Any travel restrictions or guest number limitations do not influence the number of remote attendees.
  • Audience from All Over the Globe. The virtual audience can be really global. You can unite attendees from different corners of the world without any need for them to travel to attend the conference.
  • Bigger ROI. Once you host a hybrid event, you need less to cater to the guests on the venue. Thus, with the changed cost of catering for guests, you will have less overhead costs for the event.
  • More Sponsorship Opportunities. The sponsors get more useful data from a huge virtual audience than from a traditional one. Thus, you will surely get more sponsorship opportunities. Without any logistics limits and more sponsorship placement options for on-screen viewing, you will get a chance to sell more sponsorships.

How to Host Hybrid Events – Useful Tips

Even if there are no rules or regulations on how to host hybrid events, there are some important tips you should take into consideration.

Prepare Local Attendees

When you host a hybrid event, you should take care of the live audience first. It includes deciding on the location, number of participants, and proper equipment. With some restrictions still in place, check the permitted number of attendees in advance. You may need to learn some additional requirements to arrange the venue properly. Make sure to learn every detail beforehand. Draw the deadlines for every participant who plans to present materials. Take care of the rehearsals to improve the quality of the presentation. Make sure everyone knows how to use the available technologies properly.

Select a Proper Virtual Platform

For your virtual audience, you must assure the best online experience as well. Thus, it is important to select the most fitting and convenient virtual platform. Make sure to test it first by paying attention to the quality of the live stream, time required for registration, marketing integrations, and networking and management capabilities. Make sure adequate professional support is provided as well.

Engage the Virtual Audience

You must assure the remote audience’s engagement. Every virtual attendee should get the full experience of attending a conference. Make sure the remote attendees can ask questions, participate in various groups, sessions, and meetups. In such a case, you will keep your audience interested during the entire conference. You can use the virtual emcee who will be able to join the live and remote audience. Assure the best online experience with the advanced digital tools you use.

Communicate Frequently with Attendees

You should always engage in communication with your attendees. In another case, make sure the presenter communicates with the audience frequently. In such a case, you will assure that every need of your guests is taken into account. Besides, you will let attendees know that they matter to your organization.

Stay Flexible

Hybrid events have no strict regulations. Thus, many planners use them as a perfect stage for demonstrating impressive creativeness in event planning. Since the current restrictions and government regulations greatly affect the way you host your meetings, try to stay flexible at all times. It is important to be able to adjust to any changes if necessary. The adaptive strategies are the most winning ones for hybrid events these days.


Hybrid event planning is similar to traditional events planning. Still, you must pay more attention to the digital technologies you use to engage the virtual attendees. Use your creativity and desire to assure the best experience for attendees when hosting a hybrid event to succeed.