For over a year now the world has been getting familiar with changes to people’s daily lives, which all of us had to endure because of the pandemic. These changes seeped into all spheres of human activity, including education. In 2021 most learning is done online, so both students and teachers had to adjust to this new way of receiving and giving education.

To some people this transition came easy, while others still struggle with organizing their schedules, managing their time, and above all – staying productive during distance learning. Thankfully, we’re in this boat together, so we can share our insights, tips, and tricks to combating the challenges of remote education and coming out on top! We prepared some tips that will help you to stay focused, organized, and productive as an online teacher.

How can online educators remain productive: 5 helpful tips

People often note that modern students have it hard. True – they have no physical interaction with a teacher, fewer opportunities to orally practice the material, and must spend even more time in front of the computer than usual, but modern teachers deal with a lot while setting remote educational processes up, making it effective and fun. This endeavor makes many teachers struggle with productivity, which is totally understandable. But we are here to help! Here are 5 useful tips for online teachers that will help boost their productivity. 

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1. Plan

Being productive is much harder if you don’t have a specific defined plan to follow. If you operate without a plan, you have no way of knowing what actions you must take at what time, so it’s a lot easier to lose track while teaching. An online educator should always have a detailed plan for all their classes and educational process as a whole because otherwise they don’t just impair their teaching, but also make learning much harder for students. 

If one approaches each lesson with a well-structured plan, the material they provide during class will be a lot more consistent, and easier for students to follow at the moment as well as revisit later.

2. Create the right conditions

In our mind, we perceive home as a place for relaxation and taking time off work, so it’s no surprise that we often lose productivity when teaching remotely. Teaching in a classroom, auditorium, or lecture hall is entirely different from teaching from your home because conditions there allow focusing on the task at hand and nothing else. 

Yet, you can mimic those productivity-inducing conditions at home by doing the following:

Learning to treat your home as a workspace takes time, but once you can simulate the routine you had white teaching offline you will find it much easier to be productive.

3. Re-invent and re-purpose the way you serve content

While teaching offline in a classroom, teachers often use a blackboard to note important information, key aspects of the subject, structure of the lesson, etc. It’s very handy because it’s not likely that a student will be able to remember all the information a teacher discusses, but at the very least they can note the crucial moments from the blackboard. You can get the same effect by using presentations, only including the most important information every student must remember. 

Utilizing presentations is helpful for both students and teachers. Having prepared one or two of them, you will be well-equipped to continue the practice and produce presentations swiftly and easily. Also, having developed a single effective presentation structure, you can utilize it as a basis for your next one. This way teachers can be a lot more productive while preparing for their classes. 

Students can be more productive during distance learning too if they learn to focus on important tasks and relieve some of their workloads. There are great paper writing service reviews online that can help students discover skilled professionals who can make their distance learning more manageable.

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4. Find effective solutions

You don’t always need to rely solely on yourself while teaching an online class. Many teachers overburden themselves with minor tasks that can be easily automated. There are a lot of digital solutions online to make the teaching process much more structured, organized, fun, and effective.

You can utilize services that help host virtual events for you so that you don’t need to take care of every little detail yourself, but rather leave it to professionals. They can take over a lot of tasks that teachers struggle with daily and live them with a single and most important job – teaching.  

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5. Find time for yourself

A key to high productivity at work is maintaining a good work/life balance. Statistics show that about 68% of employees lose motivation when their work/life balance is off. If you over-exhaust yourself daily, focus on work and nothing else, don’t find time for relaxation, recharging, hobbies, etc. your productivity will eventually drop. To stop that from happening, never sacrifice your personal time for work – try to find a healthy balance between teaching and living your life.

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Teaching classes remotely is very challenging, as most aspects of education fall onto the teacher, who must organize the classes, prepare and distribute course materials, monitor attendance, grade assignments, give students enough individual attention, and perform other important tasks to make sure that education continues without setbacks, regardless of any difficulties. 

Juggling countless responsibilities while teaching online can make modern educators prone to losing productivity. However, there is some advice that can make a teacher’s life easier, allowing them to retain productivity and organize the work process in a way that is least demanding and most efficient. Hopefully, our straightforward tips revealed little changes any teacher can make today in order to allow performing at their peak.


BIO: Donald Fomby

Donald is an experienced writer, researcher, and editor who is well-versed in all things related to education. He worked internationally for 5 years, getting experience with performing educational online services before the rest of the world was forced to follow. Donald’s work with online writing services that made him uniquely capable of commenting on challenges that scholars and educators face during their work. He is passionate about sharing educational tips and techniques he got familiar with over the years.