Event management software prices will surprise many. As expensive as it is to host an in-person or virtual event, the software used to plan, promote, register, schedule, educate, communicate and report on that event, can put a serious dent into any conference, festival, or meeting budget. But what’s worse, is how much effort it takes to figure out what event management software actually costs.

Why is it so hard to get a price quote for event scheduling software? That’s a good question. A recent comparison of event management software sites, suggests that most companies will require a meeting or a form fill to get close to an actual price and in some cases, they require two meetings to get a price quote. 

Why all the mystery about what you’ll pay? Because event management software can cost as much as $40 per attendee and the Sales team may want to delay the bad news as long as possible hoping to get you either hooked or exhausted before they share the price.

Should I Use Free Event Management Software?

You might think that the best event management software is free software. There are some good options for free event planning software, but there is a limit to what you can accomplish with free software. Most professional event organizers will have requirements that extend well beyond the capabilities that free platforms offer. 

Instead, look for a free event planning software download where the company offers a free trial. Before spending good money and committing to a new platform or moving from your expensive platform, a free trial allows you to fully explore the platform’s features and understand how easy it will be for planners, speakers and attendees alike to use.

How much should event management and scheduling software cost?

All software providers will agree on this answer: “it depends.” Most software providers break up their software into small components that are all priced separately. The event management software industry has over 50 competitors and thus the industry has discovered lots of different ways to price their product. To get a budgetary quote, you’ll have to first navigate through a list of pricing decisions. Here are some examples:

  • Do you want a mobile app?
  • Are you planning a virtual or a hybrid event?
  • Do you want your event content posted post-event for those that couldn’t attend?

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions above, then most companies will require an add-on component and adjust your price accordingly.

Second, you’ll have to determine the frequency of your event. Many companies only sell annual subscriptions and don’t offer support for single events making it difficult to budget for small annual events.

At the end of the day (and after the required demos and meetings), most initial price quotes will end up being somewhere between $10 and $20 per attendee.

Best Event Management Software Pricing

But wait, Sched’s No Surprises Pricing takes a very different approach!

Sched has hosted over 25,000 events and more than 10 million attendees all while charging a fraction of what other event management apps charge.

Sched’s approach is an all-inclusive platform that has all the features you need to plan great events but without the extra charges. The platform includes all the tools you wll need for promotion, registration, ticketing, communication, content creation, scheduling, and hosting. The platform is designed as both a desktop site and mobile app for both in-person and online events, all for one low price.

Sched pricing starts at less than $2.50 per attendee and quickly drops to prices under $1 with volume and commitments. Are you planning more than one event a year? Then you’ll save money with a subscription. Are you planning a continuing education conference? Then you’ll pay even less with Sched’s discounted education pricing.

Sched’s No Surprises Pricing difference:

  • Upfront visibility to Sched pricing on the website
  • Education and non-profit discounts
  • Mobile app and desktop site included
  • Virtual, hybrid and in-person events all included in the price
  • Post-event content hosting for at least a full year after the event is included
  • Full-feature software that’s easy-to-use and includes fast support
  • Start on the path to saving with your free event management software download.

There’s no need to compromise your event budget with more expensive platforms. Sched has over 14 years of experience providing everything you need to plan, organize, and manage great events. Let Sched show you a better choice.

Want to learn more? Watch a Sched demo or contact the Sched sales team.