Last year, we released a new feature called Tags. Tags help you reach out to your event participants more effectively by segmenting sessions and participants. The Tags are visible to admins only so you can group your sessions and participants for quicker editing and more effective participant communication. We wanted to highlight the proper way to utilize tags within your event and some useful benefits of assigning tags to sessions and people.

Sched Tags Location

Benefits of Tags

The main benefit of applying tags to sessions is so that you can quickly filter to edit tagged sessions and pin or unpin and publish or unpublish all sessions with a particular tag. Apply tags either manually when editing individual participant profiles or sessions or add them to the appropriate column when importing attendee, speaker, and session spreadsheets.

Sched Tags For Editing

Segment Your Participants

Tag participant profiles so you can segment your audiences when sending email communication and announcements about your events. Tags are the perfect way to make sure the right participants are getting all the information they need.

Sched Tags Segment Participants

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Author: Jessica Kent

Jessica brings over 15 years of customer success and technical support knowledge to Sched, paralleled with more than 10 years of experience organizing events such as skill exchange festivals, fundraisers, comedy showcases, independent theatrical productions, and more. She enjoys advocating for her customers and providing people with the tools they need to be successful in any situation. Making your day even just a little bit easier is her favorite thing to do. Outside of Sched, Jessica seeks out activities involving pinball, cats, coffee consumption, and gardening.