How Sched Can Plan & Execute Your Next Virtual Event


May 28, 2020

Helping event organizers create raving fans for their organizations and events!

Introducing Sched’s Partnership Program

Planning virtual events is a new and exciting opportunity. Most organizations are facing substantial budget cuts, staff reductions and considerable resource constraints. We see this set of facts combined with the general newness of virtual events to many event organizers and realize that we can help. By partnering with our customers, we can further our mission of fostering memorable events and create win/win solutions for you, your organization and your audience.

How Sched Can Help

Today, we introduce Sched’s Partnership Program where we are dedicated to your virtual event success! Sched’s Partnership Program is designed to help you:

  • Engage your core audience
  • Build insightful, engaging virtual events
  • Generate revenues for your organization
  • Outsource and delegate mission critical virtual event tasks 
  • Leverage our team’s expertise for your success

How Does It Work?

Our goal with Sched’s Partnership Program is to help you create virtual event experiences for your attendees.

No Upfront Fees

Our Partnership Program is designed so that you pay little to no upfront fees. We are able to do this by partnering with you on the production of your virtual events and sharing in the proceeds generated from the event. No fees are paid until after your virtual event is a success and funds have been received.

Sched’s Virtual Event System

Our team has consolidated the knowledge of virtual events from best practices, in-depth interviews, research and our own first-hand experience. Sched’s Virtual Event System ensures your virtual event’s success through strong communication, consistency and accountability. Sched’s Virtual Event System is also flexible enough to account for the strengths and capabilities of organizations and individuals.

Sample Overview of Sched’s Virtual Event Management System

Your Virtual Event Partner

Sched is your Virtual Event Partner and our team becomes part of your team with Sched’s Partnership Program. Your organization will be assigned one or more coordinators to help ensure your event’s success. We provide training, resources, marketing and direct support for your organization’s event.

Generate Revenues

We are dedicated to helping you build a strong revenue pipeline for your organization through virtual events. Sched’s Partnership Program and Virtual Event System are designed to maximize attendance, encourage engagement and generate revenues for your organization through events. We will help you to determine a marketing strategy, registration/ticketing pricing, secure sponsors and provide value to your audience and attendees.

Fast Results

We can help you strategize, plan and execute your next virtual event in as few as two weeks. This means your organization can see and feel the impact of virtual events sooner rather than later. This is ideal for organizations that want to engage their audience or are looking to create positive results in the face of near term adversity.

Customized For You

Every organization and every audience is different. We take the time to understand you, your organization and your audience through interviews, surveys and research. These help us to get to know you and create virtual events designed to serve your needs, your organization’s needs and of the needs of your audience.

You Are Our Focus

We limit our number of monthly engagements to ensure your organization has the time, energy and resources it deserves. Due to this commitment, we can only accept a limited number of organizations into Sched’s Consulting Services each month.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in learning more about how Sched’s Partnership Program can help you execute your virtual events plan, please contact us today.

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