In the recent past, we’ve learned to embrace technology more than ever before. The internet has arguably changed our lives for the better. One way it has done that is by revolutionizing and democratizing education, which was once inaccessible to many.

Today, there are thousands of interactive learning apps and services that provide quality education to just about anybody with access to the Internet. The best part is that many of these interactive learning apps aid learning at no cost to the user. There’s no doubt that we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to e-learning apps. We scoured through the Internet to find the best free interactive learning apps for you so that you don’t have to!

Socratic by Google

Socratic is a unique free teaching and learning app that helps students and ​teachers​ leverage the power of AI to help them learn better. Confused about a certain concept? Just download the app onto your phone and point the camera at what’s boggling your mind and watch as Google’s powerful artificial intelligence breaks down concepts into simple, digestible little pieces. Socratic works with many subjects such as Science, Math, Literature, Language, and Social Studies. The app works not only as a learning companion but also as a reference tool that points you to resources for further learning.


What’s learning if your students don’t enjoy it? With this in mind, Kahoot’s free learning app aims to make education fun through gamified learning processes. Boasting a rich library of 40+ million educational games for ​teachers​ to choose from, Kahoot’s interactive learning app makes ​remote learning ​engaging for students. Educators​ can create learning games, host live Q&A sessions, assign challenges, and share seamlessly on the platform.

You can view and download reports and gain insights into your classroom’s performance. Kahoot’s free learning app also lets you share reports with other ​teachers​ and provides you with actionable insights that you can use to make adaptive learning more effective.


Audio-visual tools are great ways to enhance the learning experience, whether in a classroom setting or in distance-learning modes. Prezi’s free teaching app takes that concept and makes it even better for teachers and students. Teachers​ can use Prezi’s free learning app to create stunning interactive presentations to enhance the learning experience. If you’re a teacher looking to make your class more engaging and want your students to grasp concepts better, Prezi is your best bet.

Unlike your traditional slide-based presentation format, this free teaching app lets you build your presentation on a large canvas that you can zoom in and out of, letting you incorporate interactive features to make the class more engaging. This is especially great for ​remote learning​ situations where classes over online platforms are generally dry and uninteresting. Getting a learning app for your class can make all the difference!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy’s learning app is your one-stop resource for anything you’d like to learn about. Everything from Common Core math to programming languages, this learning app has covered concepts in the form of easy-to-understand videos along with quizzes and exercises to help you grasp everything you want to learn about. Khan Academy is a non-profit organization whose sole motto is to make education accessible to anybody who wants to learn.


Are your students struggling with math? Math concepts can sometimes get overwhelming for students to understand. Photomath is just the app to fix it. With a committed R&D team of seasoned math experts, this teaching app has come up with methodologies and frameworks that teachers can use to make teaching more comprehensible.

For an all-around experience, you can upgrade to Photomath Plus, with which students get access to exclusive learning tools like detailed solutions to problems and visual content.


With a user-base of over 4 million teachers and students, ThingLink’s teaching app aims to make education an integrated learning experience. Teachers can use audio and video tools to create engaging learning material available for students in a 60+ languages supporting reading tool.

This teaching app has also imbibed VR in its learning processes. Students can go on virtual tours and explore places with an interactive 360-degree panoramic view. This way teachers can combine virtual learning​ with realistic learning experiences.

ThingLink’s teaching app is a free tool, with options of upgrading for teachers and schools alike.

To Sum it Up

With education going completely virtual in the past year, the demand for creative ​ed-tech solutions has also surged. Online schooling became the new normal, making interactive learning technology an indispensable tool. It helps teachers mimic classroom learning experiences, thereby bridging the gap between the two.

Deploying interactive components not only makes learning engaging but also makes students more responsive to their teachers. They understand and retain information in a better way. Interactive learning technologies have helped us become more efficient teachers and better students overall.

That wraps up our curation of the best free interactive learning apps. We hope this list could help aid your teaching methods and make your class that much more engaging!


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