The challenges seen by the event industry over the past year have been tremendous. The creativity that’s come out of this obstacle has been inspiring to say the least.

At Sched, we’ve remained committed to the amazing event organizers, working to create engaging solutions for every challenge COVID-19 presented. To continue to build an effective platform, we partnered with TicketSocket to provide a combined registration and planning experience that will help you host successful events.

Find out more about both platforms and how the integration will help you increase event sales and attendee registrations.

What Is Sched?

‌As an integrated software platform, we fulfill many digital organization and management needs for a wide variety of events. With Sched, you can manage your event details in one place, engage with participants, empower speakers and sponsors, curate a cohesive online presence for your event, and much more.

What Is TicketSocket?

While Sched handles your event management, TicketSocket takes care of ticketing and registration.

TicketSocket is a powerful white label ticketing platform that puts registration back into the hands of event organizers. When you utilize the platform, you cut out the precious time and money typically spent on building custom solutions.

With their proprietary plug-in framework, white label tools, and open APIs, they’re pioneering a new level of interactivity and customization for event promoters, venues, developers, and more.

Here are six ways the integration makes event planning a breeze:

1. Full Control Over the Event Experience

Sched and TicketSocket want event organizers to have full control of their events from beginning to end. And with the companies’ integration, maintaining full control is easier than ever.

With the ability to manage your own processes, app, and website, you’ll also have full control over the following:

  • Branding
  • Customer data
  • Technology
  • Finances
  • Functionality

According to Mark Miller, CEO of TicketSocket, “It’s all about putting control back in the hands of event organizers … the TicketSocket and Sched integration does just that, with certain ticket rules in place, you can even control which tracks someone can add to their personal agendas within the app.”

2. Automatic Synchronization

With the integration, registration is seamlessly linked to the rest of an event’s online experience for attendees.

This makes it so your attendees never miss a bit and are automatically synced into Sched after registering with TicketSocket. They can immediately start creating their custom agenda and sharing it with friends.

3. Streamlined Ticket Sales

Instead of offering a frustrating number of ticket types, event organizers can sell ticket packages, such as “VIP Pass” or “Four Workshop Pass.” This not only simplifies things on your end, but it also gives attendees the freedom to curate and schedule their own experiences.

However, organizers simultaneously maintain control by limiting what each attendee can sign up for based on their ticket type. Sched’s session capacities also allow you to manage attendance for each individual talk, workshop, performance or keynote.

4. Increased Traffic and Registrations Through Social Sharing

After attendees register through TicketSocket, they are automatically given a profile on Sched.

Through the intuitive portal, participants are not only able to manage their own schedule, but they can also share it with their friends. This unique social sharing feature allows attendees to see which events their friends are attending, which can significantly increase event sales.

5. Maximized Exposure of Sessions and Sponsors

With the Sched and TicketSocket integration, event organizers can keep tabs on the number of attendees who can register for every session.

With the ability to tweak session capacities at any time, you can single-handedly escalate exposure for specific sessions and their key speakers. You can also ensure each session is at full capacity, which can work wonders for sponsor ROI and the attendee experience.

Sched also offers the following branding opportunities to increase sponsorship exposure:

  • Fully customizable sponsor branding
  • Ability to create and showcase multiple sponsor levels
  • Integration with sponsor branding throughout your app

The Takeaway

The CEO of Sched, Marvin McTaw, said it best: “The TicketSocket integration with Sched will help established organizations and event entrepreneurs to organize better events. We are pleased with this new capability and believe event organizers and their attendees will be too. If you think TicketSocket and Sched could be the perfect combination for your event, contact us or sign up for an account today.”

To learn more and test the integration visit our partner page here.