Videos & Live Streaming Using Sched

Sched now supports embedded videos and live streams for your event! This is a great and impactful took for for your virtual events and live meetings.

Videos & Live Streaming

We make it easy for you to add both pre-recorded videos and live streaming from some of the top platforms directly into your Sched Event site including, but not limited to,

  • Zoom
  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Vimeo

…with more platforms and streaming services to be supported in the future.

Embedded YouTube Video

Virtual, Live and Hybrid Events

This new integration makes it incredibly easy for you to organize, support and host your virtual, live and hybrid events. For example, you can use this new addition to make it easy for your attendees to view and experience a live streaming of your event or keep recorded versions of presentations all year round.

Session Commercials

This ability to add recorded videos to your event creates the opportunity for you, your team or your speakers to create brief commercials about your event’s sessions. For example, your speakers could provide summaries of what will be discussed during their session or panels along with the goals of what they hope attendees will gain by participating in their session. This is an excellent opportunity to provide content in a diversified, more easily consumable way than regular text and images.

Protection & Control

Our tools also give you control over who has access to and can see your recorded videos and live streams. You have the ability to control whether the general public can see and experience the videos of your event or choose to limit it to registered users and attendees.

Video Stream Control Settings

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