When the one criteria for programming is that it makes you laugh, you know it’s going to be a good time. The team behind SF Sketchfest works remotely from locations all over the US up until their event. See how they pull off the beloved comedy event that takes over San Francisco every January. 

We spoke with Managing Director, Jay Wertzler, and he shared how communication and collaboration are made possible between their team and attendees with Sched.

Real-Time Communication

With each team member working from home in different cities around the US, Sched’s cloud based solution makes it possible to coordinate as a team in real-time.


Add the whole team as admins so everyone can contribute to publishing, promoting and managing the full event details leading up to the event. Take away the pressure from one person and empower teams to have control over the programming.

Continuous Changes + Updates

With 300 sessions and 700+ artists and presenters, there are hundreds of changes taking place up until the very last minute of each session. The team can update the changes in one place and it gets pushed out everywhere to the mobile site and app as well as online. Send targeted updates through Sched to notify attendees of changes.

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Author: Rachel Drudi

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