Events are where we get inspired, meet lifelong friends, find new opportunities, and fall in love.
Events are an amazing way to learn and the best excuse to travel.
Our goal is to help more of this magic happen.

Sched is powered by a passionate, all remote team.

Our team is distributed around the globe across 7 time zones.

We’re bootstrapped and small but mighty. We currently have a team of 14. This means we can move quickly and everyone’s thoughts and ideas are valuable. We’re obsessed with constant improvements and that shapes how we develop, market, support, and work as a team.

We also believe in taking care of each other. We offer company-sponsored health, dental, vision, life, disability, and accidental dismemberment insurance. As well as retirement plans including a 401K and matching program.

We take trips together to places like San Diego, Cambodia, Morocco, Mexico, and Colombia. Part work, part vacation, we call them #schedcations.

Sched Team

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