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VP Marketing

VP Marketing role in your future?

We’re looking for an all-star Vice President of Marketing (“VP Marketing”) to join our growing team as the owner of our Go To Market strategy and execution. Your goal is singular and will be the beating heart of our business – to help us drive qualified traffic, leads, and sales digitally by establishing our company as the No. 1 authority in the event management space.

Our VP of Marketing must be a passionate brand storyteller dedicated to growing the business by helping us consistently better select and understand our target audiences, craft the promises in messaging, understand and hone in on our distribution channels, influence product development and help us define and strengthen our unique selling proposition and competitive advantages. Being obsessed with performance, reporting, and analytics as well as recognizing the impact of creative elements to help drive demand can only help with being successful in driving the key results areas for this role.

The ideal candidate is completely addicted to growth, darts out of bed in early a.m. with your mind racing with ideas, yet has proven ability to methodically develop strategy, build a team, execute and deliver results. You are a growth architect and are obsessed with experimentation and optimization, can easily float among all major growth channels (paid, organic, social, web, app, offline, online, etc … and from a career perspective, you’re energized, primed and ready for the biggest challenge of your life.

VP Marketing Sched Image on Job Description Page of Marketing Strategy Discussion

What are the Key Points?

  • Compensation: $75k – $150k + Robust Bonus (negotiable for right person)
  • Benefits: Health/Dental/Vision/Disability/Life + Robust 401k + Flexible Work + 20 Days PTO
  • Location: Atlanta, GA (preferred); 100% Remote Available (virtual team of 15 with no corporate office)
  • Hours: flexible and normally 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EASTERN (regardless of where you live)
  • Culture: Human-first with High-Performing, Happy & Humble People (no jerks)
  • Key Results: increase revenues, increase leads, develop growth playbook, help build the marketing team

Should You Apply?

If you’re that yin-yang person who can easily toggle between strategy and execution, paid vs. non-paid, online vs. offline, hands-on vs. team leader, you have a passion for bringing people together through events and…

  • You LOVE both optimizing the big picture as well as the granular daily moving parts…
  • You LOVE running growth experiments, optimizing funnels and testing new creative…
  • You LOVE developing GTM plans to dominate new ad platforms and audiences…
  • You LOVE a high-growth environment and embrace ambiguity
  • You LOVE architecting teams, systems and processes that can scale…

… then please read on as you’re an ideal fit and we’d love to talk to you ASAP!

The VP of Marketing role is a key member of the senior management team. You’ll have to maintain control of diverse business operations, so we expect you to be an experienced and efficient leader.

From day one, the VP of Marketing will have an immediate impact on our productivity, streamlining strategic initiatives, overseeing program management, communicating objectives between departments and taking a hands-on management approach to projects, employees and contractors. The ideal candidate will have proven experience in a business management role, with a special focus on executive-level advising and interdepartmental collaboration preferably in a B2B SaaS environment.

If you also have excellent people skills, business acumen, event management experience, and exemplary work ethic, we’d like to meet you!

What We Do

Bringing people together to make the world a better place

Events are where we go to be inspired by those who’ve followed their dreams, learn from successful people, build life-long friendships, and discover new opportunities. We believe that when we come together around shared interests, we help build rapport and understanding through these shared experiences. Our mission is to help encourage more of these experiences each and every day.


Enabling exceptional events

We are an almost 14-year old, bootstrapped, company dedicated to creating environments that enable exceptional and engaging events. We do this through our event management software and event management services so that every individual and community can grow from the opportunities presented through events.


Influencing tens of millions each year

Our products and services touch tens of millions of users each year through conferences, conventions, festivals, meetings and events hosted by organizations like Stanford University, the United Nations, the American Red Cross and YMCA.


Seriously, there is an event for everything!


What others are saying

You’ll be working to build a company that makes a real difference to our customers and their audiences. Here’s actual feedback about the company you’ll be helping to build:

  • I wonder what the world did before Sched…
  • Sched completely revolutionized our convention.
  • Using Sched is something I actively LOOK FORWARD TO whenever we’re getting ready to put on another event.

What You’ll Do

This will be a highly demanding role that will expose you to all aspects of Sched’s business. Some of your key responsibilities will include:

  • Architect Growth Playbook: create the first iteration of our growth playbook and socialize within the team. Iterate on what’s already been done.
  • Build The Marketing Team: create and build out our marketing and growth team including internal team members, contractors, vendors, and freelancers to help execute the growth playbook.
  • Increase Leads: increase marketing qualified leads and establish a documented system for managing, reviewing, optimizing, and improving core lead channels.
  • Increase Revenues: help grow overall sales by improving the entire revenue funnel (e.g. awareness, acquisition, activation, conversion, retention, and referrals)

Key Results Areas

Some key results we’d like to see within six months of your start date are

  1. Increased Revenues: increase quarterly annual recurring revenues by at least 100.0% through directly attributable activities, projects, and initiatives you manage and execute.
  2. Build The Marketing Team: create and build out our marketing and growth team including internal team members, contractors, vendors, and freelancers to help execute the growth playbook.
  3. Increase Leads: increase marketing qualified leads by 200% and establish a documented system for managing, reviewing, optimizing and improving core lead channels.
  4. Marketing Revenue Pipeline Visibility: create marketing revenue pipeline visibility so that we have greater insight into potential revenues. We want to know how many leads, where they come from and how much they are potentially worth in the future.
  5. Architect Growth Playbook: create the first iteration of our growth playbook and socialize within the team. Iterate on what’s already been done.
  6. Ideal Client Profile(s) & Target Market(s): create a system to constantly make sure we know who our ideal clients are, what urgent and important problems they face, the triggers that cause them to look for a solution, work with us and making sure these ICP’s (and specific customers that represent them) are internally communicated with our team.
  7. Positioning: improve the company’s positioning in the market through branding efforts. Improve brand perception as a solution provider to our targeted markets.

Who Are You? (Requirements & Credentials)

We are looking for an individual with a strong, proven, track record of success to help transform our small team into a massive organization that positively impacts our customers and their stakeholders throughout the entire event ecosystem.

The ideal candidate must possess the following qualities and attributes:

  • Unquestionable Integrity: you are honest, forthright, and principled. You do what you say you’ll do when you say you’ll do it and adhere to morals and ethics.
  • Long Term, Strategic Mindset: most overnight successes are 10 years in the making. We need someone who is willing to take the long-term view. You should nurture the soil and help us plant the seeds today that will grow into the Redwood forest of the future.
  • Strong Management Skills: you are a proven manager who helps individuals produce results they didn’t even know they were capable of. You should thrive on helping others reach their full potential
  • Strong Leadership Ability: we are looking for a leader who not only manages but also can get people to comprehend and believe in our vision and work with others to help achieve our goals.
  • Energetic, “No Drama” Attitude: We want someone who can distinguish between the urgent and important and views obstacles as opportunities for improvement. We want someone who enthusiastically looks for the root cause of problems and creates upstream solutions (versus the “put out the fire” immediate solutions approach). Most things are rarely as bad as they seem or as good as they could be.
  • Strong Communication Skills: you will need to demonstrate strong verbal, written, and visual communication skills.
  • Constant Learners: you should be dedicated to your personal and professional growth and development. This should be evidenced in some way through formal education (e.g. MBA), professional credentials (e.g. certifications), ongoing training and development, industry events and/or regular reading (e.g. books). Be able to discuss what you’ve learned and how to implement it.
  • Open Personality: we strive to create what Ray Dalio terms a believability weighted, idea-meritocracy. Part of this is constantly giving and receiving feedback from everyone. We want someone who can give and receive constructive feedback in meaningful ways to help our system as a whole improve.
  • Systems Thinkers: you should think of everything in terms of systems and work to create, document, test, manage and improve these systems.
  • Self Starter: you can figure things out without a playbook
  • Attention To Detail: you should have fantastic attention to detail. Nothing big or small escapes your gaze.

The ideal candidate might also possess the following qualities and attributes (i.e. nice to have’s):

  • Executive Experience: five (5) or more years experience in leading marketing teams preferably in Adtech/Martech, Data Analytics or SaaS environments. Quality of experience and results are more important than length of time in positions.
  • Industry Experience: experience working within the event management industry (e.g. as a vendor/supplier to the industry) or in organizing large events (e.g. conferences)
  • Education: BSc/BA in Business Administration or relevant field; MSc/MBA is a plus
  • Planning & Analysis: Exceptional analytical problem solving and decision-making skills. Financial modeling experience – you can spin up a quick model to analyze different opportunities and enjoy doing it – is also a plus.
  • Project Management: Strong project management skills with a desire to bring structure to undefined processes
  • Context Switching: Good at context switching: you can easily transition between the big picture and tactical execution for multiple projects

Pay & Benefits

  • Competitive salary, PTO, health benefits, travel benefits, etc.

Sched offers a broad suite of benefits to its employees including company-sponsored health, dental, vision, life, disability, and other insurance programs. We also offer retirement plans including a 401K and matching program. Other benefits include discretionary annual bonuses, education expenses, paid time off (“PTO”), fitness benefits and other incentive programs. This position is also eligible for equity-based compensation.

We are a 100% remote, distributed and global team! We regularly get together throughout the year for team meetings in incredible places like Morocco, Japan, Cambodia, and Colombia, all covered by Sched. Part-work, part vacation, we call them #schedcations.

Our Hiring Process

The Sched hiring process typically takes 30-60 days from the initial job posting to complete. Our process is designed to get to know you as a person and professional. It is also designed to get a feel for how you might perform in the targeted role along with helping you to get a sense of what it might be like to work with our team.  Please note that we may also consider you for other current and future positions we may be hiring for or have available.  We aim to communicate where you stand in our hiring process upon the completion of each of our steps.

The Sched Hiring process typically includes the following steps

  1. Open Application Period
  2. Application Review & Initial Screening (est. late January)
  3. Initial Interviews  – Cultural & Technical (est. late January/early February 2022)
  4. Personality Tests (e.g. Meyers-Briggs, DISC+, Kolbe-A, etc.)
  5. Audition – Project (i.e. paid project/assignment designed to test your fit for the role)
  6. Additional Interviews (if necessary)
  7. CEO Interview
  8. Team & Other Candidates Virtual Meet & Greet
  9. Background Check (criminal, credit, references check, etc.)
  10. Hiring Decision Communication

The hiring process for this position may or may not include the above steps.

How To Apply

Please fill out the application to apply for this role. The application will take at least 20-30 minutes to complete. You’re able to come back and update your responses after submitting the application. Please note that while all fields are not required, only completed applications will be considered for the next step in our hiring process.