Attendee Networking

Help your event participants network and connect during your virtual events with these key features:

Attendee Directory
Encourage your attendees to complete their profiles and make them public. Displaying an attendee directory on your Sched event will help event participants view other attendee profiles. Attendance lists can also display within each session.

Twitter Feed
Showcase your event’s Twitter feed on your Sched event site to display tweets using your event’s hashtag or mentioning your Twitter handle.

Social Media
Social media platforms are designed for sharing content and encouraging engagement.

Setting up a group for your event on Facebook or LinkedIn can help participants connect with your event while taking a breaks away from their computers.

Also your attendees, speakers, sponsors and other event participants can list their social media links in their profile to quickly connect with other attendees, colleagues and friends.
List Your Social Media Profiles

Another common approach is to create a Workspace or Channel on Slack, or similar platform. Invite event participants to channels based on session topics, or utilize a 3rd party tool such as Community Inviter.

Chicago StartUp Week is an example of a Sched event that took this approach.

Networking Focused Sessions
Create breakout sessions in your event schedule in Sched that are specifically for attendees to connect with each other. Use session types or custom filters to help highlight these sessions within your schedule.

We recommend hosting these sessions within a webinar or meeting platform such as Zoom Meetings, Microsoft Teams or Remo. Having a host or moderator in each session can help keep conversations flowing.

Setting capacities on these types of breakout sessions will keep conversations more focused and intimate. Setting capacities for sessions is available on Sched’s Reserve and Native plans only.

Promoting Your Networking Opportunities
Call out the specific platforms you’re using for your event as much as you can to promote networking by all participants. You can add links to your desired networking tools in many places on Sched: