Eventbrite Integration

Manage your registration and ticketing with Eventbrite to automatically import attendees into Sched as they register on Eventbrite.

You also have the option to set ticket rules. Ticket rules allow you to limit the day, type or number of sessions an attendee can select based on their ticket type. Ticket rules are available on our Reserve and Native Plans.

Attendee Experience

  1. Purchase Tickets – Attendees register for your event by selecting tickets
    and purchasing via your event listing on Eventbrite. If your Eventbrite event privacy is set as ‘Public,’ attendees can start the booking process from the tickets section on your Sched event.
  2. Sched Eventbrite Integration

  3. Instant Access To Sched – After the registration is processed, the attendee is instantly directed to your Sched event.
  4. Instant Access to Sched

    Test out the attendee experience on this demo Eventbrite event.

    Sched’s integration with Eventbrite