Twitter Feed

Keep your attendees updated on social conversations by displaying your event’s tweets and hashtags.

Tweets will be shown in the sidebar of your website:
Twitter Feed

You’ll find the Twitter feed in the Sched app info tab:

View all tweets that include your event’s Twitter handle or hashtag:

Add Your Event Twitter Feed

  1. Go to Settings => General.
  2. Enter your event’s Twitter username (only one).
  3. Enter single or multiple hashtags for your event. This is optional and you should separate multiple hashtags with a space.
  4. Click “Save.”
  5. Under “Content,” toggle “Show Twitter feed” on.
  6. Click “Sign in with Twitter” and authorize Sched.

The Twitter @username and #hashtags added to Settings => General will also show up on your site’s sharing links. When attendees tweet about your event, this helps ensure they will show up in your Twitter feed.