Mobile Web App

Attendees will go to your mobile optimized site when they visit your event in a mobile browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox). There’s nothing for your attendees to install and you don’t have to wait weeks to get your app approved. The mobile site is included in every plan.

Your mobile web app looks like a native app and pre-loads all the data when you first visit, for speedy browsing. Unlike native apps that you install, the mobile website requires network connection to view the data.

Mobile Web App or Native Apps?
Native apps are a larger investment and aren’t needed in every case. Most small events are very satisfied with the mobile web app. If you have more than 100 sessions or 500 attendees, we recommend iPhone and Android native apps for better performance. Attendees download native apps from the Apple App and Google Play stores. It takes 3-4 weeks for native apps to get approved and go live.

Mobile Web App Features
Attendees can log in to view their personalized schedule and make changes:
Personal Schedule Mobile

All your event data is easily searchable and sortable by date, venue, and type:
Mobile Menu

Your directory of attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors is available. This is ideal for on-site networking and meeting new people.
Mobile Directory

Your attendees can bookmark your mobile web app to their homescreen:
Mobile Shortcut

By default, Sched’s logo is shown but you can replace this with your logo.
Mobile Homescreen