Set Up Eventbrite

Once your attendance settings are in place, customize Eventbrite to work best with the integration.

Collect Information For Each Ticket Holder
Each ticket holder needs a profile with a unique email address to create a custom schedule on Sched.

Attendees that buy many tickets, can enter email addresses for all tickets during checkout. After the purchase is complete, the buyer is logged into Sched and other ticket-holders receive an email to login.

By default, Eventbrite does not require information for each ticket holder. You must update this setting in your Eventbrite Control Panel.

If you have the Reserve or Native plan, attendees with many tickets of the same kind can reserve spots for all tickets.

  1. Go to your Eventbrite Control Panel => Manage => Order Options => Order Form.
  2. Under Collection type, select “Each Attendee.”
  3. Select all ticket types
  4. Scroll down to “Information to collect” and set First Name, Last Name, and Email Address to required.

Add Instructions
Inform your attendees that each ticket holder needs a unique email address in order to sign up for sessions.

  1. Go to your Eventbrite Control Panel => Manage => Order Options => Order Form.
  2. Go to “Registration Options” and include instructions for your attendees. This is a good place to mention whether you allow ticket transfers or not. Here are sample instructions for your attendees:
    “Each ticket holder must create their own schedule. If you’re purchasing many tickets, enter the email address for all ticket-holders. After purchasing, schedule right away. Your friends will receive email instructions to login and schedule their sessions.”

EB Reg Info

Enable Registration Transfers
Enable registration transfers so attendees can transfer a ticket to a friend. This comes in handy if they won’t be attending anymore or if they assign many tickets to themselves. Letting attendees handle transfers on their own cuts down on your support requests.

  1. Go to your Eventbrite Control Panel => Manage => Order Options => Order Form.
  2. At the bottom of the page, make sure “ALLOW ATTENDEES TO EDIT INFORMATION AFTER REGISTRATION” is turned on and click “Save.”

This will allow ticket holders to update the information on their ticket to a new name and email address.

If you don’t want to allow transfers, include an email address / phone number on Eventbrite or the confirmation so attendees can contact you.

Connect Eventbrite
Set your Eventbrite page to live before connecting it to Sched. If you’re not ready to sell tickets, you can set your ticket on-sale dates to the future.

  1. Go to your Sched Control Panel Settings => Eventbrite.
  2. Click “Connect to Eventbrite.”
  3. Select which events to import and click “Continue”. You can sync in registrants from up to three separate Eventbrite pages.
  4. Review the ticket types and number of tickets to be imported. Click “Continue”. Ticket holders will not be imported until you’re ready to go live and enable the sync.
  5. Your tickets will now be listed and you can set up ticket rules if you plan to manage session registration based on ticket type.

Customize Confirmation Message
Attendees are redirected to Sched after purchasing a ticket. You can edit the message that shows on the confirmation page.

  1. Go to your Sched Control Panel Settings => Eventbrite.
  2. Click “Customize messaging.”
  3. Enter your text in the “Confirmation Message” field.
  4. Click “Save.”

Enable Sync
Once you’re ready for attendees to register for sessions, click “Enable Eventbrite Sync” to go live. Your existing registrants will be imported and sent an email to login. Future registrants will be redirected to Sched after their purchase. They will also receive the email to set a password so they can log in again later.

Here’s a sample of the email your attendees receive:

Customizing Your Welcome Email

A tickets tab will now appear on your Sched site:
Tickets Tab
If your Eventbrite event is set to private, the tickets tab will not display.

Disable Eventbrite Invite
You can disable the Sched welcome sent to attendees after you sync Eventbrite.

Attendees can activate their Sched profile using their email address and order number.

  1. Go to Messages in your Sched Control Panel.
  2. Scroll down to “Edit Automated Messages” and click “Eventbrite Invite.”
  3. Toggle off “Enable welcome invites for Eventbrite orders.”
  4. Click “Save.”

You can sell add-on tickets (e.g. parking passes, camping reservations, merchandise, carbon offset, etc.) through Eventbrite along with other tickets to your event. These items will behave like all other tickets, where ticket purchasers will be imported into Sched as attendees, with their add-on items included.

Find out more about adding add-ons on Eventbrite here.