Display Speakers on Eventbrite

Use Sched’s Eventbrite Plug-in “Speaker List” to display your speakers photos directly on your Eventbrite ticket page.

It’s completely free and a Sched plan is not required. Install the plug-in from your Eventbrite dashboard, upload your speakers’ photos and they show up instantly.

Beautiful Examples of Speaker List
Use black and white photos for a clean and consistent look. View example.
Speaker List BW
Color photos help your speakers stand out on the page. View example.
Color Speaker List
Feature sponsor logos on your tickets page. View example.
Logo Speaker List
Colorize your speaker photos to match your event’s branding. View example.
Colorize Speaker List

Install Instructions

  1. Log into Eventbrite and create an event.
  2. Go to My Events => Manage for the event you’d like to enable Speaker List.

Eventbrite Manage

  1. In the left sidebar under Apps, select “Speaker List.”
    You can also install from the plug-in page.

  1. Click “Install App” and allow Sched to access your Eventbrite account. If you have used the Speaker List plug-in before, you may not see this prompt:

Authenticate Sched


  1. Add a photo, name, company and position for each of your speakers and click “Add Speaker.
  2. Speakers are instantly published to your Eventbrite ticket page.

Please note: If your Sched and Eventbrite are already connected, your speakers will automatically import into Eventbrite.

Speaker List