Attendees can add unlimited sessions of any kind if no tickets are created and no ticket rules set up. If you have groups or segments of attendees that have access to days or activity types, set up tickets and create ticket rules to limit what attendees can add.

Add Tickets

  1. Go to Settings => Tickets​.
  2. Click the add button.
  3. Enter your ticket name and a custom ticket key.
  4. Click “Add.”
  5. Click “Customize messaging” to add instructions for your attendees when they sign up or log in to your event. The message and tickets will appear like this for your attendees:
  6. Now that you’ve created tickets, you can set up the rules to control what each ticket holder can sign up for.

Ticket Rules

This feature is still in beta so there are some limitations as we continue to polish and refine.

  1. This beta feature does not work when attendees sign up in the app. They must sign up on the web version first and then they can log in using the app.
  2. If you embed Sched on your own website and someone tries to sign up through the embed using Safari, it will automatically open Sched in a new tab because there is an issue with the new feature and embedded schedules on Safari.