Header, Footer, and Background

Add Your Header Image
Display your event title, logo, and other important info in your header image.
Requirements: JPG, PNG, or GIF, and less than 2MB in size. We recommend a 1200px width and 200-400px height.

  1. Go to Settings => Appearance.
  2. Click “Upload Header Image.”
  3. Choose a file. Sched has a responsive web design that fits all screen sizes, so your header image will automatically look great on smaller screens.
  4. Click “Save.”

Site Header

Add Your Header Text
Use the header text area to provide instructions or important announcements. The header text can include bold/italic styling, paragraphs, and links. It will show up under your header image.

Go to Settings => Appearance.
Site Header Text

Add Your Footer Image 
Use the footer image to add further design or sponsor information to the bottom of your event on web view.

Change Your Background
Change the background color of your site to best fit with your event theme. You can also use Custom CSS to specify a background image.

  1. Go to Settings => Appearance.
  2. Next to “Background Color,” click the field.
  3. Drag the color picker or enter a hexadecimal code to use a specific color.
  4. Click “Save.”

Here’s an example where the event background is orange:
Background Color

Allied Media Conference used a white background, so the page looks more open:

SF Sketchfest matched the background color to their header image: