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  • MAY 24

    Push Notifications
    Keep your attendees in the loop with short notifications to their mobile device. You can update everyone that has your app downloaded with news of session cancellations, exciting sponsor call-outs, and last minute venue changes. Available on the Native plan only.

    • MAY 2

      Print Speaker Schedules
      Prepare printouts for your speakers so they know where they’re speaking and when. Export all the speaker schedules to print at once. Quick guide here.

      • APR 24

        Apple App Store Keywords and Subtitle
        With our Native plan, you can customize the keywords and subtitle that will be listed with your app in the Apple app store.

        • MAR 29

          New Marketing Site
          Our redesigned website explains all the benefits of Sched. More event organizerscan find us and make sure our platform is a good fit for their events.

          • FEB 21

            Hide capacity labels
            Don’t allow your filling schedule to prevent interested people from signing up for your event. Hide the capacity labels that show filling and full sessions from users that aren’t logged in. They’ll become visible once an attendee registers and logs in.

            • JAN 30

              Speakers can view attendee feedback
              Session feedback is as important for you as it is for your speakers. Allow them to view the feedback for their sessions.

              • JAN 28

                Export Session Links
                Great for sharing specific sessions through your social channels, you can export the full list of links and short links to each session.

                • JAN 22

                  Detect Schedule Conflicts
                  If there is a venue or speaker scheduled for sessions at the same time, Sched detects the conflict and flags it. Check out more in our guide to detecting conflicts.

                  • JAN 15

                    Speaker Order
                    If you have more than one speaker for each session, you can now manage the order they’re listed in. We know how important this is for academic events!

                  • 2019

                    • NOV 19

                      Export Presentation Files
                      Share all materials from your event with attendees and export the session presentation files in one place.

                      • NOV 12

                        Add tags to participants’ profiles to send emails to certain groups.

                        Remove attendees with personal agendas
                        Confirm to remove an attendee that’s already created a personal agenda.

                        • NOV 6

                          Search Eventbrite Orders
                          Click tickets listed on the Overview tab of attendee profiles to view the order details. See the purchase date, other tickets on the order, and link to the order in Eventbrite.

                          • SEP 24

                            Upload an image to the custom page
                            Upload a venue map, sponsor ad, or flyer to the custom page. Guide to adding a custom page.

                            • JUN 25

                              Rename Moderators
                              If you use another term like chairman or discussion leaders for your event, you can rename the role in your sessions.

                              • JUN 11

                                Joining Events
                                Show attendees a prompt to join when visiting a new public event, instead of automatically adding attendees to events.

                                Remove Roles
                                Give particiapnts the possibility to remove themselves from non-admin roles via the directory.

                                • JUN 4

                                  Improve how emails look in Outlook
                                  Email providers are always making changes so we made a few small tweaks to make sure the emails still look good on all platforms.

                                  Private profiles and unsubscribed from emails
                                  Check to see if an attendee’s profile is private and confirm if they’re signed up to receive emails. You will see an icon when viewing their profile in the control panel attendee directory.

                                  Account Security
                                  Make emails editable by admins only for unclaimed accounts and accounts with no email. Allow admin-initiated account merge only if one of the accounts to be merged is inactive.

                                  • APR 24

                                    Sched App Released!
                                    Access the full event schedule and details along with personal agendas. Download the app for offline caching so everything’s avaialble even if your connection drops. All events are listed in the app.

                                    • APR 10

                                      Attendees can delete their own accounts
                                      Delete means delete – there is no undo, it doesn’t just hide them, they’re deleted. This function is available from the yourevent.sched.com/profile page and sched.com/delete-account.

                                      • JAN 15

                                        New Plans
                                        We launched new plans that make it even easier to decide which one is right for your event. Whether you use Sched to engage with your attendees or to reserve seats, our new plans are built to support all types of events.

                                      • 2018

                                      • OCT 19

                                        It’s HERE!
                                        Check out our new look by visiting the new control panel from your event’s dashboard. Some of our favorite things include all privacy settings, exports, and messages in one place! We hope you love it as much as we do <3

                                      • JUNE 8

                                        Sneak Peak: New Control Panel!
                                        Our team has been working hard on a new control panel dashboard behind the scenes. We’re making events easier to put online and Sched more intuitive to use. Here’s a sneak peek. OK,… here’s one more!

                                      • MAY 9

                                        Attendance Lists + Exports
                                        Last year, we made it even easier to print out attendee’s schedules for them, if that’s your thing. This month, we fixed a few bugs to improve that process even more.

                                      • APR 26

                                        Speaker Bios
                                        You’ve got great speakers at your event and now attendees can preview their bios at the session-level, without needing to click on the speaker’s avatar.

                                      • APR 18

                                        Viewing Sched on your Device(s)
                                        Whether you use 5 monitors or a smartphone, we want you and your attendees to be able to view and sort your schedule easily.

                                      • FEB 10

                                        Email Confirmation Message
                                        We’ve added a pop-up message to confirm who you’re sending your email announcements to. Just in case 🙂

                                      • FEB 1
                                        Sched Count is Live!
                                        Sched Count makes it simple to manage and track session attendance within your event. It’s available in the iTunes store for all event’s on our Native plan.
                                      • JAN 18
                                        Important Site Stats on your Dashboard
                                        Your admin control panel now displays new data from your feedback surveys. You can use this information to better understand what’s happening at your event.
                                      • JAN 5
                                        Attendees with more than 1 ticket
                                        Because attending events is more fun with friends, if your attendee buys 2 tickets on Eventbrite, they can now reserve 2 seats on Sched for each session they reserve.
                                      • JAN 4
                                        Collecting Feedback
                                        We want to help you collect more feedback using Sched so now attendees are able to give survey feedback from their personal Sched page and will receive an email reminder at the end of each day.
                                        But, what’s the point of collecting feedback if you can’t find it? We now include feedback stats in your post-event report.

                                      • JAN 3
                                        Global Check-in Managers
                                        Users can now be flagged as Global Checkin Managers, allowing them to access all sessions from the Checkin App (even if they’re not admins).