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  • JAN 15

    New Plans
    We launched new plans that make it even easier to decide which one is right for your event. Whether you use Sched to engage with your attendees or to reserve seats, our new plans are built to support all types of events.

  • OCT 19

    It’s HERE! 
    Check out our new look by visiting the new control panel from your event’s dashboard. Some of our favorite things include all privacy settings, exports, and messages in one place! We hope you love it as much as we do <3

  • JUNE 8

    Sneak Peak: New Control Panel!
    Our team has been working hard on a new control panel dashboard behind the scenes. We’re making events easier to put online and Sched more intuitive to use. Here’s a sneak peek. OK,… here’s one more!

  • MAY 9

    Attendance Lists + Exports
    Last year, we made it even easier to print out attendee’s schedules for them, if that’s your thing. This month, we fixed a few bugs to improve that process even more.

  • APR 26

    Speaker Bios
    You’ve got great speakers at your event and now attendees can preview their bios at the session-level, without needing to click on the speaker’s avatar.

  • APR 18

    Viewing Sched on your Device(s)
    Whether you use 5 monitors or a smartphone, we want you and your attendees to be able to view and sort your schedule easily.

  • FEB 10

    Email Confirmation Message
    We’ve added a pop-up message to confirm who you’re sending your email announcements to. Just in case 🙂

  • FEB 1
    Sched Count is Live!
    Sched Count makes it simple to manage and track session attendance within your event. It’s available in the iTunes store for all event’s on our Native plan.
  • JAN 18
    Important Site Stats on your Dashboard
    Your admin control panel now displays new data from your feedback surveys. You can use this information to better understand what’s happening at your event.
  • JAN 5
    Attendees with more than 1 ticket
    Because attending events is more fun with friends, if your attendee buys 2 tickets on Eventbrite, they can now reserve 2 seats on Sched for each session they reserve.
  • JAN 4
    Collecting Feedback
    We want to help you collect more feedback using Sched so now attendees are able to give survey feedback from their personal Sched page and will receive an email reminder at the end of each day.
    But, what’s the point of collecting feedback if you can’t find it? We now include feedback stats in your post-event report.

  • JAN 3
    Global Check-in Managers
    Users can now be flagged as Global Checkin Managers, allowing them to access all sessions from the Checkin App (even if they’re not admins).
  • DEC 29
    Use Eventbrite?
    You can now turn off Sched’s welcome emails and send attendees to yourevent.sched.com/eventbrite instead. They’ll just need their order number to activate.
    Because attending events is more fun with friends, if your attendees buy 2 tickets on Eventbrite, they can now reserve 2 seats on Sched for each session they reserve.
  • DEC 27
    Attendee Reminders
    Sometimes your attendees need a friendly reminder; we’ve all been there. You can now send reminders to attendees who haven’t logged in or created a schedule yet.And sometimes your attendees don’t need reminders. During your event, attendees get a daily email of what’s on their schedule. You now have the option to disable these.
  • DEC 10
    We are now Sched.com!
    After finally nabbing our new domain name, we relaunched as Sched.com. We’ve been Sched.org since 2008 and are excited to finally be a dot­com.
  • NOV 1
    Get Session Feedback using Sched
    Collect customized feedback from your attendees. Now, using Sched’s new session feedback tool, attendees are able to rate and comment on each session.
  • OCT 24
    New Tool to help Ticket Holders 
    Sometimes we all need a little help getting started. Now admins can easily activate new ticket holder accounts so they can get logged into Sched immediately. Check it out at https://yourevent.sched.com/eventbrite.
  • OCT 1
    Edit your Profile on the Go
    You can easily access and now edit your personal profile on mobile.
  • AUGUST 22
    Tracking Eventbrite Orders
    From your Sched control panel, you now have the ability to dig up the history of your Eventbrite ticket orders, by searching for the order # or email.
  • AUGUST 11
    Check-in Usability
    Some sweet updates to our Check-in App including a new search by email and an updated Add + person page.
  • AUGUST 8
    Embed on WordPress
    Our WP plugin for embed is now compatible with WordPress version 4.6.
  • JULY 18
    Our remote team met up once again for an amazing Schedcation, where we get to work on Sched projects + hang out IRL. This time in sunny San Diego, CA.
  • JUNE 20
    The Switch to SSL
    All sched.com sites are now on SSL. This means Sched is more secure than ever, with all of our site’s data being encrypted.
  • JUNE 13
    Custom Style Sheets for Web, Mobile, and Signage
    You can now add separate CSS to your web, mobile, and signage views in editor. Just go to your Appearance tab and click on CSS. More on CSS here.
  • JUNE 10
    Updated Ticket Transfer Message
    Along with their ticket type, attendees will now see direct links to Eventbrite where they can transfer any additional tickets + helpful support making transfers even easier.
  • JUNE 3
    Password Protected Sites
    You can choose to make your event private + viewable only by people who have your special password.
  • JUNE 1
    Expired Session View
    Past days of your event are now collapsed for easier access. Here’s a live example.
    Improved Grid View
    We’ve updated our grid view! Now wider + easier to view.
  • MAY 27
    Email Attendees without a Schedule
    We’ve made it even easier to remind attendees to set up their personal schedule, right from the email announcements page.
  • APRIL 13
    Improved Directory Import 
    Another time saver! You can now import any directory spreadsheet (attendee, speaker, etc.) without having to wait. Our system sends you an email when the import is complete.
    New PDF export in Print View
    You can save your printed schedule as a PDF with one click. Just go to http://yourevent.sched.com/print
  • MAR 10
    Check-in Manager Message
    Your check-in managers can easily see which sessions they are running. We’ve added a new warning message for them right after login.
  • FEB 14
    Improved Session Import
    You can now import your entire session spreadsheet without having to wait. Our system will send you an email when the import is complete. Time saver!
  • JAN 5
    Check-in App
    Check-in your attendees even faster with our updated search box. More on the Checkin App here.
    Session Type Colors
    Yay! Now you can assign types a color without them changing when you add new types.
  • DEC 15
    Cumulative Tickets
    Turn on the cumulative ticket feature to allow attendees to add extra sessions if they have more than one copy of that ticket.
  • NOV 11
    New Sched Logo
    We are pretty excited about our new Sched logo. Have you seen him?
  • OCT 16

    Eventbrite Plugin: Speaker List
    Fixed bugs for our Eventbrite Speaker List Plugin. Use it to add photos of your speakers to your Eventbrite ticket page.

  • OCT 1

    RSS Feeds in Native Apps
    Native Mobile Apps now support RSS feeds. Add content updates without needing to resubmit the app for review.

  • OCT 1

    Google Maps for Venues
    Google Maps now includes two main views: 1) each session on a map or 2) each venue on a map.

  • SEP 18

    Google Maps
    Your attendees will never get lost again. Enable Maps and show your sessions on a spiffy Google Map. View example.

  • SEP 16

    Twitter Feed
    Get social! Enable Twitter Feeds to display your event-related Twitter feed on your schedule page and mobile app.

  • SEP 15

    Speaker Tools
    Give your speakers the power to upload their own presentations, edit their session description and even reach out to their attendees. Enable Speaker Tools.

  • JUL 25

    Print Attendee Schedule Page
    We love mobile, but understand sometimes you need to print your attendee’s schedules for them. Print the whole batch, all from one place.

  • JUL 1

    Upload Multiple Files per Session
    The days of zipping your presentation files are over. You can now upload multiple files when adding or editing a session.

  • JUN 12

    Schedule Emails for the Future
    Need to schedule emails for a later send date? Plan ahead and schedule them from your directory.

  • APR 2

    New Native Mobile Apps
    Our Native Mobile Apps (for iPhone + Android phones) just keep getting better. Now with the option to support multiple events and a live map.

  • FEB 25

    Sponsors Levels
    Arrange your Sponsors into 4 levels (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze) on your Sponsor Directory. Click “Feature” on your Sponsors to get started.

  • FEB 19

    Featured Speakers
    List your most popular Speakers first on your Speaker Directory. Click “Feature” on your Speakers to get started.

  • JAN 2

    Feedback Survey Links
    Get valuable session feedback by setting up a custom survey using Wufoo.

  • DEC 19

    Add Sessions Without Venue
    Venues are no longer required when adding a session to make creating your schedule even faster. If no venue is included, it will automatically be listed as TBA.

  • DEC 15

    Improved How Private Eventbrite Sites are Handled
    Eventbrite pages which are set to private don’t get a “tickets” tab automatically created on their Sched site to help ensure privacy for your event.

  • DEC 15

    Keep Presentations Private
    Make presentations and file attachments available to logged-in users only. This is great for invite-only events or preventing visitors who aren’t attending your event from downloading your materials. Enable this on your Privacy Settings page.

  • DEC 11

    Improved Cropping Tool For Avatars
    While importing sessions, avatars are now cropped more intelligently, to prevent your speakers and sponsors heads from being chopped off.

  • DEC 8

    Larger Photo Avatars
    Photos for your Speakers, Sponsors & Exhibitors are now super-sized to make your event directory look better than ever.

  • DEC 2
    Custom Background Color Feature

    Customize the background color of your Sched site to better match your event’s branding and stand out from the crowd. On the Appearance tab, click “Schedule Options” and choose your favorite color.

  • NOV 29

    Control Panel Improvements for iPad/Tablets
    When using an iPad or tablet, the menu bar in your control panel automatically shrinks to give you more room to focus on managing your event.

  • NOV 26

    Quickly Add People
    Add people to your event right from your Directory listing in your control panel.

  • NOV 1

    Improved Search Parameters
    The search algorithm for your Sched event has been improved so attendees can see results from Custom Filters.

  • OCT 17

    Confirmation When Adding Sessions
    When attendees add a session to their schedule it is instantly saved. Sometimes this can cause confusion since there isn’t a “confirm” button. Turn on this option for your event and attendees will see a tab on the bottom left corner of your site that gives visual confirmation each time they add a session.

  • OCT 17

    Email Confirmation
    Attendees can email themselves a copy of their schedule for record keeping. When viewing your own profile, click the “Email Confirmation” button to instantly send one to yourself. In addition to this feature, attendees will always be emailed each day of your event with their daily schedule and quick links to view it on mobile or print.

  • OCT 11

    Improved “Rename Roles” Tab
    The “Directory Settings” page now specifies which roles are alphabetized by first name vs last name:
    Attendees, Speakers, Volunteers are sorted by Last Name
    Sponsors, Artists, Exhibitors are sorted by First Name

  • OCT 9

    Improved Event Directory
    Sched’s global Event Directory now splits events your organizing and event’s your attending into different tabs. It’s also easier to create new event sites directly from the directory.

  • SEP 28

    Improved Digital Signage
    When viewing all venues in the Digital signage, each session’s venue is now displayed, making it easier for attendees to see where to go.

  • SEP 20

    Email Ticketholders Without a Schedule
    Email announcements to ticketholders who haven’t created a personal schedule yet. This is a great way to reach those of us who like to wait until the last minute to sign up for things.

  • SEP 10

    Email Waitlisted Attendees
    Email your waitlisted attendees when your event is approaching to remind them it may be the right time to jump ship and add an open session instead. Waitlisting is enabled by default but you candisable it for your event if you’d rather not use it.

  • AUG 29

    Digital Signage Launched
    With no extra work, you can now display digital signage around your event. It stays updated automatically, hides past sessions and can be set to display the entire schedule or a single venue. This is perfect for projectors or tv screens in your venue.

  • JUN 6

    HTTPS/SSL Support Launched
    Your Sched event now supports the secure HTTPS protocol so that logging in and interacting with the site is encrypted. This also means you can now embed Sched into your own HTTPS site as well.

  • MAY 20

    Disable Waitlists
    Waitlists help keep each of your sessions at maximum capacity but they aren’t always the right choice. Disable waitlists for your event and prevent attendees from adding sessions that have reached capacity. If attendees try to add a full session, it will inform them it’s full and recommend choosing something else.

  • MAY 10

    Prevent Double Booking
    Prevent attendees from adding multiple sessions in a single time slot and prevent empty seats due to attendees’ overbooking their schedule.

  • APR 30

    Eventbrite Sync Launched
    Connect your Eventbrite account to automatically import registrants to your Sched Event. Existing registrants will be sent an email to login and new registrants will automatically be logged into Sched after their ticket purchase. You can also limit what an attendee can add to their schedule based on which ticket they have.

  • APR 20

    Improved Daily Scheduler Emails
    Each day of your event, attendees receive an email with their schedule and links to the mobile app, calendar feeds and print export. These daily schedule emails now indicate if they are waitlisted in a session. You can also include a custom message at the top with important info.

  • APR 5

    Improved Print View
    The print view for an attendee’s personal schedule now indicates if they are waitlisted in that session.

  • MAR 20

    Display Speakers, Artists and Moderators in Simple View Share even more session information from the Simple View of your event schedule. Enable this to display session Speakers, Artists & Moderators in the default schedule view.

  • MAR 2

    Print Your Attendance Lists
    Export or print every attendance list and waitlist for your event. Each session will automatically print on a new page, so this is perfect to have at the door to check in attendees.

  • FEB 20

    Freeze Schedules
    Ready to finalize your attendee schedules? Enable “Freeze attendees’ schedules” to prevent attendees from adding or removing sessions to their personal schedule. You can always make changes to their schedules from within your control panel.