Video Streams

Display Zoom, YouTube, Twitch, or Vimeo streams in the session details. Attendees can view sessions without navigating away from Sched. Add the direct link in the video stream field.

Add Video Stream To Your Sessions
Depending on the video stream settings, browser, or if you’re using another service (i.e. Hangouts Meet), the field may populate with a button linked to the stream.

  1. Add or edit the session you’d like to add a video stream.
  2. Paste the URL of the video or stream in the “Video Stream” field. (Zoom, YouTube, Twitch, or Vimeo)
  3. Publish or save as draft.

Show Uploaded Files and Videos to Logged-in Attendees Only
Sched includes unlimited file hosting to add files to sessions. To make the links to these files or added video streams visible to logged-in users only, go to Settings => Content.

Note, if a logged-in user copies the direct link ( to the file, the link is visible to anyone.
Session File Visibility

Reveal video streams 10 minutes before session begins
You can prevent access to your events video content based on time. To enable, go to Settings => Content.

Make video streams accessible to session attendees only
For Reserve and Native customers, you have even more control over access to your event’s video stream content. Use this setting to restrict video stream access to session attendees only. Go to Settings => Attendance.

This feature is best used in conjunction with Eventbrite Ticket Rules if you would like to limit who can register for each session.