Video Tutorials

Below you will find short video tutorials for setting up your event and guides for your attendees.

You can also join our weekly ‘Ask Sched’ live webinars and watch recordings of previous sessions.

Creating Your Event:

Not sure where to start with your event creation? This video will introduce you to the basics of our control panel, your event settings, and more.
Getting started

Pricing Overview:

This video explains the differences between the three plan types we offer, and how to request nonprofit and education pricing information. We’ll also cover what to do when you require multi-event pricing.

Plans & Pricing
Nonprofit & Education

Adding Sessions:

This video focuses on adding sessions via spreadsheet and control panel. These processes can also be used for adding attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

Adding attendees
Adding speakers
Adding sponsors


This tutorial will help you understand how to use the Sched check-in tool.

The check-in tool helps you track who attends each session and whether they reserved a seat ahead of time. You can use the data after your event to see who showed up and understand your attrition rates. Make better decisions on your venue sizes and number of speakers for future events.

Check-in App

Web Tour for Attendees:

A guide for attendees on how to use Sched for their upcoming event.

App Tour for Attendees:

Learn how to download and navigate the Sched app, update your attendee profile, add sessions to your Sched, and more!

Embed Tutorial:

Embed your schedule, speaker list, and event information right into your existing website. Make content changes from your Sched control panel and they’ll be immediately applied on your website.

Embed in Your Site

Creating & Editing Session Types:

A walk through of how to create, amend, and delete session types and subtypes in your event.

Session Types

Branding Your Event:

Add an extra special touch to your event by adding custom images. In this video, we’ll show how and where to upload image files, and the proper dimensions for each image type.

Header, Footer, Background
Customize Your Emails

Reports & Exports:

Easily view your events reports and ready to print options. In this video, we’ll show how and where you can find your event’s exports, so you can easily view information from your event on one page.

Reports & Exports

API Overview:

A brief introduction to the Sched API and how to access it.

API info page

Messaging your Event Participants:

In this video, we dive into all of the different messaging capabilities within your event’s control panel. Whether you’re sending welcome invites, need to alert attendees of a session change or cancellation or remind your speakers to upload presentations, we’ve got you covered!
Emailing Attendees
Customize Your Emails

If there’s something you’d like us to cover in future videos, feel free to contact us.