You know the ins and outs of what’s needed to make your event successful. Even with that knowledge, marketing events and growing audiences can still be a major pain point within event organization. During a recent webinar, serial entrepreneur Allan Dib shared some helpful tips we think everyone should keep in mind when considering marketing strategies for any event.

Reaching the Right People to Grow Your Audience

Growing your audience takes time and work. If you aren’t collecting information on who is interested in attending your events, you could be missing out on major growth potential. Are your internal workflows making it easy to identify who you should be marketing towards? Are your systems a bit dated and clunky for you and your team to navigate? If so, it may be time to rethink how you’re gathering information to properly grow your audience.

State Clear and Unique Marketing Proposition for Your Event

What makes you stand out from the crowd? Don’t be shy in letting your audience know what they’ll gain from attending your event, and why you’re the thought leader or best educator on that topic. If you were able to snag a dream speaker or guest artist, if yours is the only accredited session on a specific topic, make sure to showcase those unique opportunities that make your event impossible to miss.

Turn Curiosity into Interest

It’s important to showcase the value of opting in to receive information about your event, organization, or resources. Showing an immediate return on investment (ROI) for your potential audience will turn the curiosity that brought them to you in the first place, into a lifelong interest in what you have to offer.

Keep Attendees Engaged

We’re often asked for tips on how to keep attendees engaged once they’re in a virtual environment. The easiest way to encourage engagement among participants is within a break out environment. Give groups an objective to work toward and be sure they know to designate a point person who will share the group’s discussion or findings once everyone is back in their main session.

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