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Brainstorming Session For Planning An Event Budget

The ultimate guide to making savings on your event budget

Summary Shrink your event budget: lean on our top advice and save your money for bigger things. Save money by bringing money in! Discover how to leverage sponsors, grants, and vendor partnerships. Utilize amazing value on event planning tools: See an offer for event management software you can’t say no to! Get good venues cheaper:…

Table Of Tech, Hands, Food, Coffee, And People Doing Ai Event Planning

The limitations of AI event planning and how to beat them!

Summary Identify AI event planning limitations: Understand the early-stage challenges of AI in event planning, analogous to the Wright brothers’ initial flights, and learn how to navigate these hurdles effectively. Creative Insights: Explore the limitations of AI in creative decision-making and discover why human intuition and emotional intelligence are irreplaceable in crafting unique and engaging…

Table Of Hands And Postit Notes During A Microlearning Event

Mighty microlearning: Why you NEED to be planning smaller events!

Summary Enhanced Professional Growth: Microlearning supports consistent and gradual professional growth by allowing participants to engage in small, manageable learning sessions that are easy to fit into busy schedules. Increased Engagement: By focusing on smaller groups, micro-events promote a higher level of interaction and participation, leading to a 130% rise in employee engagement. Cost Efficiency:…

Screenshot Of Event Planning Checklist In Action: Sched Vs. Bizzabo

Amazing feature updates: Sched’s conference management software just got better!

Summary  Boost registration with AI power Improved Control Panel for ultimate oversight First-class event app experience for iOS attendees  And a sneak peek of the goodies in our next update!  Conference management software isn’t timeless. We’ll be as relevant as a typewriter if we don’t keep evolving our tools.  And for our tools to be…

Inperson Event Planning

The best hacks for mastering in-person event planning

Key takeaways: In-person event planning at a glance   Start with a clear and detailed in-person event planning timeline, setting the right goals and defining the target audience. Build a strong event team, delegate tasks effectively, and maintain open communication channels for efficient collaboration. Develop a comprehensive budget, track expenses carefully, and consider special discounts…

Sched Vs. Vfairs

Sched vs. vFairs

When planning and running an event, particularly for the first time, there is so much to consider. Invitations, registrations, marketing, and data capture are all important. This means having everything in one place can be very useful. This is why it’s important to have good event management software. Sched vs. vFairs is an important question….

Sched Vs Eventmobi

Sched vs EventMobi

Planning and running an event is stressful. However, a reliable event registration tool can help. But with so many on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? Sched and EventMobi are two of the biggest names on the market. We will discover whether Sched is a viable alternative to EventMobi…

Buyer'S Guide  Event Management Software

How to buy Sched’s event management software

What to expect from this guide: An overview of the stages involved in the buying process for Sched’s event management software. Links to relevant tools, offers, and research corresponding to your point in the buying process. Answers to the most common questions associated with buying Sched’s event management software and event management services. Actionable next…

Event Speakers

10 common mistakes with managing event speakers

Let’s chat about the wild ride that is event planning. Exhilarating? Yes. But it quickly becomes complicated. Add managing event speakers to the mix and complexity hits the roof.  Are you constantly juggling multiple event schedules, crossed communication, and countless tiny but vital details? We’ve been there. The odd, misplaced piece of critical information here. Repetitive,…

Problems With Event Networking Apps

9 common problems with event networking apps

Whether you’re a seasoned event planner or just dipping your toes into the world of organizing gatherings, event networking apps have game-changing power. They’ve become an indispensable part of in-person events, online conferences, hybrid events, festivals—you name it! These apps have revolutionized how attendees engage, collaborate, and connect at events. They’re like trusty sidekicks that…