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Artificial Intelligence

How To Leverage Artificial Intelligence For Virtual Events In 2021

Have you ever attended a virtual event before? The current pandemic has certainly reshaped how the world works. This is particularly evident when it comes to in-person events, trainings and conferences. Faced with the new reality, event organizers have had to cancel or postpone their events for far future dates. Despite all this, customers, organizations,…

Virtual Learning is Changing

6 Ways Virtual Learning Is Changing In 2021

Over the last several years, the virtual learning industry has been growing dramatically. Nowadays, virtual education isn’t just about video conferencing or watching pre-recorded videos — it’s about designing a fully-immersive experience for students. These massive changes and innovations can be both an opportunity and a challenge for instructors. To ride the wave, you must…

Avoid Zoom Fatigue

Simple Measures To Avoid Zoom Fatigue

2020 may be remembered as the year the world faced its biggest crisis, but also as the year that brought in several new trends. Today, more people are working from home and attending virtual events​ than ever before. This has created great opportunities as online video conferences​ enable organizations to target diverse groups without worrying…