• Discover Top Services: Learn about the top 10 event management services that excel in customer support.
  • Avoid Common Pitfalls: Understand the impact of poor customer support and how it can derail your event planning.
  • Enhance Your Events: Find services that not only streamline operations but also enhance attendee satisfaction.
  • Make Informed Choices: Get the insights you need to choose a service that matches your event’s size and complexity.
  • Reduce Stress and Costs: Selecting the right platform can minimize your stress and prevent unnecessary expenses.

Are you concerned about the potential setbacks poor customer support could cause in your event planning? You’re not alone. Inadequate support can lead to delays, added stress, and even financial losses. 

Now, imagine having a service that not only streamlines your event planning process but also provides outstanding customer support every step of the way. 

We’ve identified the top 10 event management services renowned for their exceptional support. These platforms ensure that no question goes unanswered and no technical glitch disrupts your event, making your planning experience smooth and your event a success. 

Read on to discover which services can transform your event planning from stressful to seamless.

The dangers of bad customer support from your event management service 

Here are key statistics on how bad customer support from an event management service can affect event planners, their planning processes, and their attendees:

We don’t want to scare you, but… 

Impact on Event Planners

  • Planning Delays: Event planners often rely on timely support. However, 60% of customers abandon a company due to long wait times and unresolved issues.
  • Increased Stress: Stress levels in event planners are significantly higher when dealing with unresponsive or unhelpful customer support teams.
  • Higher Costs: Inefficient support can lead to additional costs like hiring extra help or switching to another tool. 

Impact on Event Execution

Impact on Attendees


The top 10 event management services with outstanding customer support


Sched Event Management Services In Display Feature Desktop, Phone App, And On Apple Watch
Sched event management services


Event management services:

  • Comprehensive scheduling tools: Sched’s scheduling tool can be easily accessed on both web and mobile devices. Event planners can easily plan and manage meetings and events across multiple tracks and days.
  • Managing attendees: Sched’s attendee management tool can track registrations, sign-ins, and attendance. The popularity of events can also be monitored. This real-time data allows event planners to alter schedules and locations if required.
  • Mobile app: Sched’s mobile app is fully customizable to your event’s branding. This makes it easy to access on the conference floor and can boost both engagement and brand. PLUS, it syncs with the event’s schedule, providing attendees with up-to-date information and the ability to personalize their event experience.
  • AI features: With Sched, you can Leverage AI to make your event planning smarter and more efficient. 
  • Call for Papers tool: You can effortlessly create a pro call for papers page. Plus, the software handpicks the best candidates for you. 
  • Outstanding value: Plan without limits. Enjoy unlimited events and unlimited free participants for smaller gatherings all year round. AND, if you represent a non-profit or an educational organization, you’ll get further discounts! 
  • Customizable event websites: Provides tools to create fully customizable event websites that can integrate schedules, speaker bios, and sponsor information, all in one place.
  • Analytics and reporting: Delivers real-time analytics and comprehensive reports on attendee behavior, session popularity, and overall event performance.

Customer support:

At Sched we know that we all learn in our own way, and at our own pace. That’s why we have built diverse options for our customers to try out and learn. 

If you like speaking to someone at the end of the line – then our support team is there for you. 

If you like reading, then we have our guides – watching? we’ve got loads of videos too. 

And if you like to learn by doing, then we’ve built our tools to be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. 

  • Dedicated support team: Sched provides a dedicated support team. They are available to assist event organizers with setup, implementation, and troubleshooting. This applies before, during, and after your event. 
  • Resource center: Offers an extensive resource center that includes support guides, FAQs, and articles designed to help users maximize their use of the platform.
  • How-to guides: Video tutorials and blog posts provide additional support and insights into effective event management.
  • Live chat and email support: Provides support options through live chat and email, ensuring timely assistance for users needing help during their event planning and execution.
  • Dedicated event success manager: With our Premium Plan, you get a dedicated event success manager. They’ll be by your side every step of the way. 
  • Free live webinars and demos: Every week we offer live practical workshops that tackle the most common problems modern event planners face, and how to blast them away!


  • We admit that our solutions aren’t as complex as some of our competitors. However, our focus is on value for our customers and making tech for non-techy people. That being said, we’re still offering sophisticated solutions – like AI – as you can above! 

Case studies: 

Here’s a small selection of success stories that celebrate our event management services and our outstanding customer support! 

  1. Caudleading the Way:  Caudleading the Way “invaluable support team” and “super user friendly”
  2. Outdoor Writers Association of America: Discover how the OWAA built their “most successful conference ever” after teaming up with Sched’s event management service!
  3. Egg Harbor Township School District: Our friends at Egg Harbor improved their educational success with Sched, citing our “exemplary customer service” as one of the many benefits of our partnership. 


Airmet Event Management Services Screenshot Showing People Hosting Virtual Meeting
Airmet event management services


Event management services:

  • Interactive features: Facilitates engaging events with interactive sessions, live polls, and Q&A opportunities.
  • Diverse event formats: Supports a variety of event formats including conferences, expos, and workshops.
  • Advanced Analytics: Provides detailed analytics for tracking attendee engagement and event performance.

Customer support:

  • Help center: Offers a comprehensive help center with guides, FAQs, and troubleshooting articles.
  • Live chat support: Available for immediate assistance during event setup and execution.
  • Email support: Provides a channel for more detailed inquiries and complex issues.
  • Responsive service: Ensures quick and effective resolution of user queries, enhancing the overall user experience.


  • “Lack of support/communication from the vendor. They will not respond to questions.” – GetApp 

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From Confusion to Confidence: How Our Team Can Help Your Event Succeed from Sched Support on Vimeo.

Event management services:

  • Comprehensive event setup: Supports various event types, from conferences to trade shows and corporate meetings.
  • Engagement tools: Offers interactive features such as live polling, session Q&A, and in-app messaging to boost attendee interaction.
  • Networking solutions: Includes features like attendee profiles, matchmaking for networking, and discussion forums.
  • Exhibitor management: Facilitates exhibitor engagement with virtual booths, lead retrieval tools, and promotional opportunities.

Customer support:

  • Resource center: Contains a wealth of guides, FAQs, and articles to help users navigate the platform.
  • Direct support: Offers email and phone support to address customer inquiries and technical issues.
  • Live chat: Available during business hours for real-time assistance with immediate operational needs.
  • Webinars and training: Provides webinars and training sessions to help organizers maximize the use of the platform’s features.


  • A common theme of too many notifications and communications across various rating sites such as Capterra and Trust Radius

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Screenshot Of Hopin Event Management Services Networking Features
Hopin event management services

Event management services:

  • Versatile event formats: Supports a wide range of events including conferences, trade shows, workshops, and more.
  • Interactive elements: Features interactive elements such as polls, Q&As, and networking via video.
  • Virtual venues: Provides a variety of virtual environments including stages, breakout rooms, and expo areas.
  • Integration options: Offers integration with other tools like CRMs and marketing platforms for seamless event management.

Customer support:

  • Comprehensive help center: Includes a thorough repository of articles, how-to guides, and FAQs.
  • 24/7 live support: Provides round-the-clock live chat support for urgent assistance.
  • Email support: Available for less immediate concerns or detailed inquiries.
  • Training resources: Offers access to webinars, demo videos, and live training sessions to help users maximize the platform’s potential.


  • Customers have concerns about being sent too many emails from Hopin through the discovery, buying, and user process – Trust Pilot 

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Screenshot Of Cvent Event Management Services
Screenshot of Cvent event management services


Event management services:

  • Venue sourcing: Provides an extensive database of venues along with tools for sending RFPs and managing venue contracts.
  • Integrated marketing tools: Features built-in marketing tools for email campaigns, social media integration, and targeted communications.
  • Robust analytics: Delivers detailed insights on attendee behavior, event performance, and ROI metrics.
  • Security and compliance: Ensures data security and compliance with global regulations, including GDPR.

Customer support:

  • 24/7 customer support: Offers round-the-clock support via phone, email, and live chat to help with any issues that may arise.
  • Dedicated account management: Provides dedicated account managers for personalized support and guidance.
  • Training and certification: Offers training sessions and certification programs to help users maximize the use of the platform.
  • Community forums: Enables users to connect with other event professionals to share insights, challenges, and solutions.


    • Users have reported a difficult learning curve using Cvent’s solutions. 
  • “Poor communications with management, no intentions to resolve customer concerns or address complaints.” – GetApp

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Let Us Take Care of Event Day Support Inquiries: Get Dedicated Assistance from Sched from Sched Support on Vimeo.

Event management services:

  • Event marketing: Features integrated marketing tools for email automation, personalized agendas, and targeted campaigns to boost event attendance and engagement.
  • Data analytics and reporting: Provides real-time insights with detailed analytics and reporting capabilities to track event success and ROI.
  • Customizable branding: Allows customization of event websites and mobile apps to maintain brand consistency across all event materials.
  • Integration capabilities: Seamlessly integrates with a variety of CRM, email, and social media platforms, enhancing workflow and data synchronization.

Customer support:

  • 24/7 support: Offers around-the-clock support to help resolve any issues immediately, ensuring events run smoothly.
  • Dedicated customer success team: Provides a dedicated team for each account to help with strategic planning and maximize platform utilization.
  • Extensive knowledge base: Features a robust help center with articles, guides, and video tutorials for self-service support.
  • Community access: Provides access to a community of event professionals for networking and sharing industry insights and experiences.


  • “When we’ve been onsite and encountered issues with the Bizzabo equipment, it is nearly impossible to get any support or help. We have tried multiple chats, support phone numbers, and ticket submissions, but none have ever resulted in a good experience or solving for the issues.” – Trust Radius 



Screenshot Of Rsvpify Event Management Services
Screenshot of RSVPify event management services


Event management services:

  • Seating chart creation: Provides interactive tools to easily create and manage seating arrangements, accommodating various event sizes and formats.
  • Guest segmentation and tracking: Features the ability to segment guest lists, track attendee responses, and manage different guest categories like VIPs or special needs.
  • Event check-in app: Includes a mobile app for on-site event management, facilitating smooth guest check-ins and real-time attendance tracking.
  • Ticketing and payments: Supports ticket sales and event payments, with options to handle different ticket types and pricing levels.

Customer support:

  • Email support: Provides support through email, helping users resolve issues and answer questions regarding platform use.
  • Live chat: Features live chat support during business hours, offering real-time assistance to users needing immediate help.
  • Video tutorials: Includes a collection of video tutorials that guide users through the platform’s features and functionalities.
  • Blog and resources: Maintains a blog and resource section that offers tips, best practices, and industry insights to help users plan and execute their events effectively.


  • RSVPify can become quite costly when you go beyond basic features. 
  • Users have criticized website functionality across different browsers – Get App 

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Get Lightning-Fast Responses with Priority Support for Event Planners! from Sched Support on Vimeo.


Event management services:

  • Virtual meeting and webinar solutions: Provides high-quality video and audio conferference services, ideal for hosting webinars, team meetings, and large-scale virtual events.
  • Event customization: Allows hosts to customize event settings, including registration forms, branding, and layout configurations to align with event goals and brand identity.
  • Security and compliance: Offers industry-leading security features including end-to-heart encryption, compliance visibility, and control settings to ensure data protection and privacy.
  • Scalability: Manages events of any size, from small team meetings to large conferences with thousands of participants, offering scalability and reliability.

Customer support:

  • 24/7 support: provides around-the-clock global customer support to help resolve any technical issues.
  • Dedicated help center: Features an extensive help center with articles, how-to guides, FAQs, and video tutorials tailored to help users maximize their use of the platform.
  • Community forums: Includes access to community forums where users can share insights, learn from other users’ experiences, and find solutions to common challenges.
  • Direct assistance: Offers phone, email, and live chat support options, providing direct assistance from Webex experts.


  • Their customer support is often reported as being slow and in need of improvement – Trust radius 

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Example Of Vfairs Deskptop And App Event Management Services
Example of vFairs desktop and app event management services


Event management services:

  • Virtual and hybrid event solutions: Offers comprehensive tools to host virtual and hybrid events, including trade shows, job fairs, and conferences.
  • 3D Immersive environments: Provides a variety of customizable 3D virtual environments that simulate physical venues, enhancing the user experience and engagement.
  • Accessibility and inclusivity: Ensures the platform is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, supporting multiple languages and providing features like screen reader support and adjustable text sizes.
  • Robust analytics dashboard: Offers detailed analytics and reporting tools that provide insights into attendee behavior, engagement levels, and overall event success, facilitating better ROI measurement and strategic planning.

Customer support:

  • Dedicated event manager: Provides a dedicated event manager to each client to assist with event setup, execution, and post-event analysis.
  • Training and onboarding: Includes comprehensive training and onboarding sessions for hosts and exhibitors to ensure they are fully prepared to utilize the platform effectively.
  • Resource center: Features an extensive knowledge base with articles, guides, and best practices to help users maximize the platform’s capabilities.
  • Live chat and email support: Provides live chat and email support options to offer immediate assistance for any inquiries or challenges.


  • Some customers have reported confusion over functionality and training. 
  • “Also the training we had for speakers was too fast and confusing and left our speakers stressed so I had to do my own training to calm their minds.”Capterra

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Give Your Event Participants VIP Treatment with Priority Support from Sched Support on Vimeo.


Event management services:

  • Comprehensive event technology: Provides a single platform for managing all aspects of an event, from initial planning and registration to engagement and feedback collection.
  • Flexible event formats: Supports various event types, including virtual, hybrid, and in-person events, making it versatile for different needs and settings.
  • Customizable event apps: Offers fully customizable event apps that enhance attendee engagement through interactive features such as live polling, surveys, and Q&A sessions.
  • Integrated registration and ticketing: Includes a streamlined registration process that integrates ticketing and attendee management, simplifying the administrative workload.

Customer support:

  • 24/7 support: Provides round-the-clock customer support to ensure that event organizers have assistance whenever they need it.
  • Comprehensive knowledge base: Features a detailed knowledge base that includes articles, how-to guides, and tutorial videos to help users navigate the platform.
  • Interactive webinars and training: Offers regular webinars and training sessions to educate users on new features and best practices for event management.
  • Responsive email and live chat support: Ensures timely support with options for live chat and email communication, providing quick answers to user queries.


  • Common reviews report EventMobi for not being  user-friendly and having a steep learning curve – Trust Radius 

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The takeaways

Choosing the right event management service is crucial. Excellent customer support is essential—it helps address challenges quickly, reduces stress, and cuts costs. 

The top 10 platforms we reviewed offer comprehensive tools and exceptional support. Explore these options and elevate your next event, making it memorable and stress-free.

But that’s enough reading – the best way to figure out which tool suits you best is by trying them! 

So start Sched for free now and expereince our supreme customer support for yourself! 

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