Event-Planning Revolutionized.

Innovative. Organized. Engaged.

Communication is key to our development as human beings. Communication allows us to convey ideas, learn and create relationships. The best communication happens face to face making events like conferences and festivals such potent tools for education and commerce.

Events are where we get inspired, meet lifelong friends, find new opportunities and fall in love. Events are an amazing way to learn and the best excuse to travel. Our goal is to help more of this magic happen by empowering individuals and teams with software and digital tools.

Successful event organizers choose Sched to solve all their digital organization and management needs. They use Sched’s integrated software platform to communicate and engage with participants, empower speakers, manage seats, and create a cohesive online presence for the millions of conferences, festivals, and conventions around the world.

Along the way, we’ve attracted talented experts who are passionate about creating something that empowers organizers and participants to break free of schedules and logistics; allowing them to focus on content, engagement, and connection.