Branded Event Management Mobile Apps

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Branded mobile apps just for your event

Built for both iPhone and Android, the event management apps let your attendees have the event details right on their phone or tablet.

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Accessible offline

If your venue has limited wifi bandwidth or poor cell service, the event management apps store data offline so attendees can interact with the schedule even if their connection drops.

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Send push notifications

Keep your attendees in the loop with short notifications to their mobile device. You can update everyone that has your event management app downloaded with news of session cancellations, exciting sponsor call-outs, and last minute venue changes.


Opportunities to feature your sponsors

Help your sponsors reach your audience through in-app branding and give them the exposure they deserve.

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One app for all of your events

If you have more than one event, publish them all in the same event planning and management app. Increase engagement and keep things simple by driving attendees to one app.

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