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Leverage AI to make your event planning smarter and more efficient. With our cutting-edge AI features, you're not just planning events; you're designing unforgettable experiences.

  • Boost engagement
  • Eliminate logistical nightmares
  • Branding brilliance
  • Optimize attendance

AI features for unmatched event experiences

Generate catchy session titles

Spark interest with AI-generated session titles that highlight the essence and value of each presentation.

Sched event schedule and mobile app mockup

AI features for unmatched event experiences

Optimize your session descriptions

Automatically transform your session descriptions into clear, compelling invitations. It's not just about informing—it's about driving session sign-ups.

Sched event schedule and mobile app mockup
Upcoming AI enhancements

What do you want next?

Dive into the future of innovation with us!
Cast your vote and have a say in which tool we develop next. Your input is crucial, help us decide what breakthrough comes soon.

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Intelligent attendee matching

Say goodbye to awkward icebreakers. Sched sifts through attendee interests to create connections that are not just meaningful. They're unforgettable.

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Personalized session recommendations

Leverage AI to analyze your attendee's interests and past engagement. Offer attendees a curated experience that feels uniquely tailored to them.

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Dynamic schedule optimization

Clashing sessions? Overlapping times? AI smoothly adjusts your schedule to resolve any conflicts.

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With Sched, our workflow is much smoother and polished. I love the fact that multiple members can help to manage an event.
Aanand Pandey
Aanand Pandey
AIMMS product expert and lead of the academic team
This school year we have unified all of our event management in SCHED. Hosting events is easier and attendees have a smoother experience.
Tony Armer
Tony Armer
Founder at Sunscreen Film Festival
The first words that come to mind when I think about Sched are user-friendly. From designing the website to participant registration to day-of features, we were able to easily use the platform.
Dr. Tisa Holley
Dr. Tisa Holley
Founder at Sunscreen Film Festival