These guides will help you on your path to planning and executing successful virtual, in-person, or hybrid events. If you’re looking for resources on using Sched, please visit our support guides, which feature assistance for all event participants.

Sched Guide To Hosting Hybrid Events

Maximize reach, grow your events and make them accessible to everyone! What are hybrid events? Technology is changing the world and particularly the event management landscape. We often see virtual elements incorporated into traditional physical events. However, hybrid events are more than just the augmentation of physical events with virtual features. Hybrid events are those…

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Repurpose &Amp; Monetize Event Content

A guide to repurposing & monetizing recorded content

Discover impactful ways to reuse and generate revenue from your recorded content. Why is repurposing content important? What happens after an event is over? Organizers spend weeks preparing, promoting, and presenting. Surely, there has to be a way to extend the life of all the sessions beyond 60 minutes. Repurposing content​ offers a way to…

Virtual Event Checklist

Virtual events checklist

Everything you need to do before, during, and after your event. Your checklist to launch a successful virtual event in 4 weeks. Getting started It’s overwhelming to think about where to begin with transitioning or breaking into the virtual event space. It feels like you’re suddenly running a tech company and not the live experience…

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Event marketing plan: Find your attendees and sell out your event

7 Marketing initiatives to sell out your event Why is event marketing important? It’s not always easy to find your attendees and get them interested in your event. You’ve already dedicated a lot of time and resources to creating engaging programming and lining up the best speakers, but that doesn’t mean registrations will be flooding…

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Virtual events: Marketing focus assessment

Discover the 3 most impactful ways to grow your virtual event. Why is event marketing important? What social media platform will reach your target attendees the most effectively? What are the marketing channels you should be putting 80% of your efforts towards to drive participants to your virtual event? These are all questions you need…

Get Started Stay Inspired

Virtual event resources: Get started and stay inspired

3 resource channels for daily news and trends Is inspiration important? Event planning might be just one part of your job or maybe you’ve been running events for years and you’re feeling uninspired. If we have too many other tasks to take care of or are too close to the project, we can get blocked….

Event Funding

Virtual Events: 5 Options for funding your event

Virtual events may be less expensive to run, but still require funding. Right now, virtual events are more important than ever to keep communities and organizations in contact. We’d like to show you five possible options to shed light on some funding opportunities which may ensure you, your team, and your participants have all available…