• Diverse event ideas for non-profits: Discover the top events for fundraising, awareness, community engagement, education, and social activities to connect with your supporters.
  • Effective fundraising tips: Learn about successful fundraising strategies like charity auctions, benefit concerts, and crowdfunding to significantly boost donations.
  • Community engagement strategies: Find ways to strengthen community ties through volunteer appreciation, local clean-ups, and cultural festivals.
  • Educational and training opportunities: Explore workshops, webinars, conferences, and guest lectures to empower your community and enhance skills.
  • Unlimited event planning with sched: Utilize Sched’s platform to plan unlimited events with free participation, ensuring a vibrant and engaging calendar for K-12 schools year-round.

Without top events in the calendar, non-profits make less of an impact. Without events, donors don’t donate, communities aren’t engaged, and missions aren’t accomplished. 

That’s why we’re adding MORE value to our plans. Now, you can plan without limits, and make your non-profits flourish! Here’s the deal:

Enjoy unlimited events and unlimited free participants for smaller gatherings all year round.

And for added inspiration, here are the top 44 events for non-profits you can organize with your Sched plan!

Fundraising events for non-profits

Workshops Incporporated Into Owaa Event Planning. Here Three People Are On A Stage Leading A Discussion
How event software boosts workshops


FACT FLASH – According to Linkedin, fundraisers for non-profits have a 300%-400% ROI. If your organization doesn’t need that kind of cash injection, scroll on. Otherwise, get these event types on the calendar!

  1. Charity Auctions: Items are auctioned to raise funds for causes. They generate significant donations and involve the community.
  2. Gala Dinners: Formal dinners to raise money for specific causes. They bring people together, promote awareness, and secure major donations.
  3. Benefit Concerts: Musical events to support charitable causes. These concerts raise funds and spread awareness through entertainment.
  4. Walkathons and Fun Runs: Participants walk or run to raise money for charity. They promote fitness and community involvement.
  5. Golf Tournaments: Charity golf events where participants pay to play. They raise funds and provide networking opportunities.
  6. Charity Balls: Elegant dances held to support causes. These balls attract donors and create memorable fundraising events.
  7. Bake Sales: Selling homemade baked goods to raise money. They are easy to organize and involve the whole community.
  8. Crowdfunding Campaigns: Online fundraising efforts to support causes. They reach a wide audience and can quickly raise significant funds.
  9. Pledge Drives: Campaigns asking people to commit donations. They secure ongoing support and build a reliable funding base.

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Awareness and advocacy events for non-profits

Ibpa Against Book Bans Branded Poster
IBPA Against Book Bans


  1. Informational Seminars: Sessions where experts share knowledge on specific topics. They educate attendees and raise awareness.
  2. Public Rallies: Gatherings to show support for a cause or issue. They energize communities and attract media attention.
  3. Advocacy Campaigns: Organized efforts to influence public policy or opinion. They drive change and promote important issues.
  4. Panel Discussions: Experts discuss and debate topics in front of an audience. These discussions provide diverse perspectives and deepen understanding.
  1. Documentary Screenings: Showings of documentary films on relevant issues. They inform, inspire, and spark conversation among viewers.

CASE STUDY – Get inspired by the successful planning at Whole Human Spirit. They’re making the world of health care and research a more equal place with Sched’s event software.

Community engagement event for non-profits

Sched Software On Laptop, Tablet, And Laptop Showing Tom Tom, One Of Their Nonprofits Customers
Sched in action for nonprofits


  1. Volunteer Appreciation Events: Events to thank and recognize volunteers. They boost morale and encourage continued community involvement.
  2. Community Service Days: Designated days for community members to volunteer. They foster teamwork and improve the local area.
  3. Local Clean-Up Events: Community efforts to clean and beautify neighborhoods. They promote environmental responsibility and local pride.
  4. Cultural Festivals: Celebrations showcasing diverse cultures through food, music, and activities. They enhance cultural understanding and community bonding.
  5. Workshops and Training for Community Members: Educational sessions to develop skills and knowledge. They empower individuals and strengthen community capabilities.

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Educational and training events for non-profits

People Seated At Ibpa Conference Hall With Stage And Branded Ackground  One Of Sched'S Nonprofits Customers
Event types for nonprofits


FACT FLASH32% of coordinators for non-profits have said that recruiting volunteers is their biggest challenge. One of the best drivers for volunteers is offering quality training and education events to improve their skill set. That’s why these TOP events have made out list…

  1. Workshops on Topics Related to the Non-profit’s Mission: Hands-on sessions focused on the non-profit’s goals. They educate and engage participants on key issues.
  1. Conferences and Summits: Large gatherings to discuss and explore relevant topics. They bring together experts, foster networking, and inspire action.
  2. Webinars and Online Courses: Virtual learning opportunities on important subjects. They provide convenient access to knowledge and training.
  3. Guest Lectures and Speaker Events: Invited experts share insights on specific topics. These events inform and inspire audiences with new perspectives.
  4. Professional Development for Staff and Volunteers: Training sessions to enhance skills and effectiveness. They improve performance and motivation within the organization.

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Networking and Partnership Building events for non-profits

Owaa Conference Attendees Networking And Socialising Outdoors For A Group Photo  Sched Nonprofits
OWAA socializing – networking for nonprofits in action


FACT FLASH85% of volunteers donate to the nonprofits they volunteer for. Show them a good time with the following events and you’ll increase that number. 

  1. Networking Mixers: Casual events for professionals to meet and connect. They build relationships and open doors for collaboration.
  2. Partnership Announcements: Public declarations of new collaborations. They highlight strategic alliances and generate excitement.
  3. Collaborative Project Launches: Kickoff events for joint initiatives. They showcase teamwork and set the stage for future success.
  4. Stakeholder Meetings: Gatherings of key players to discuss progress and plans. They ensure alignment and foster transparent communication.
  5. Industry Conferences: Large events for professionals in the same field. They offer learning, networking, and industry insights.

PRO TIP – Avoid these common problems with networking apps to prevent these events from failing!


Membership events for non-profits

Event Managemetn Attendees At Ibpa Conference In Front Of Branded Background
IBPA event management


FACT FLASH17–31% of Nonprofit Revenue is Raised in December. So make sure your members are engaged during this month with the following events: 

  1. Member-Only Dinners: Exclusive dinners for members to connect and socialize. They strengthen community bonds and show appreciation.
  2. Annual General Meetings: Yearly meetings to review progress and plans. They ensure transparency and member involvement in decision-making.
  3. Membership Drives: Campaigns to recruit new members. They expand the community and increase support for the organization.
  4. Exclusive Previews of New Initiatives: Special events showcasing upcoming projects to members. They build excitement and foster a sense of exclusivity.
  5. Member Workshops: Educational sessions just for members. They provide valuable skills and knowledge, enhancing member engagement.

CASE STUDYIndependent Book Publishers Association 

Special events for non-profits

Improvisationa Workshop At The Global Improvisation Initiative
Improvisation workshop at the Global Improvisation Initiative


  1. Anniversary Celebrations: Events to mark significant milestones. They celebrate achievements and strengthen community ties.
  2. Award Ceremonies: Events to honor outstanding contributions. They recognize excellence and motivate continued effort.
  3. Art Exhibits: Showcases of artistic works. They promote creativity and cultural appreciation.
  4. Book Releases: Events to launch new publications. They generate excitement and engage readers.
  5. Themed Campaign Events: Special events centered around a specific theme. They raise awareness and drive participation in campaigns.

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Social and recreational events for non-profits

Outdoor Falconry Demonstration Incporporated Into Events For Nonprofits
Outdoor and social events for nonprofits


  1. Family Fun Days: Events with activities for the whole family. They promote bonding and community engagement.
  2. Outdoor Movies: Screenings of films in open-air settings. They provide a fun and relaxed way to enjoy movies together.
  3. Picnics in the Park: Casual gatherings with food and games in a park. They encourage relaxation and social interaction in a natural setting.
  4. Sports Days: Events featuring various athletic activities and competitions. They promote physical fitness and friendly competition.
  5. Holiday Parties: Celebrations themed around specific holidays. They foster a festive spirit and bring people together.

CASE STUDY – The Outdoor Writers Association of America creates seamless and highly successful outdoor events with Sched. See how they do it and then apply it to your non-profits! 

The takeaways

With these 44 ideas – and unlimited events and unlimited free participants for small events – your non-profits will BOOM!

There’s going to be more donations, more community engagement, and more goals reached. 

PLUS, here is even more: 150+ event types you can plan with Sched for free. 

But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself – put Sched to work for your own non-profits. Try sched for free now! 


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