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To give you a clearer picture of what’s possible, here are 150+ event types that you can organize with your Sched plan!

K-12 event types

Caudleading The Way Conference Event Types
K12 event types


Academic Events

  1. Back-to-School Night
  2. Parent-Teacher Conferences
  3. Science Fairs
  4. Spelling Bees
  5. Math Competitions
  6. Reading Challenges
  7. Career Days
  8. College Fairs
  9. Graduation Ceremonies
  10. Honor Roll Celebrations
  11. Student-led conferences

Cultural and Social Events

  1. Multicultural Festivals
  2. Art Shows
  3. Drama Productions
  4. Music Concerts (Band, Orchestra, Choir)
  5. Dance Performances
  6. Book Fairs
  7. School Dances (Prom, Homecoming)
  8. Talent Shows
  9. Holiday Celebrations
  10. Movie Nights

Sports Events

  1. Sports Competitions (Football, Basketball, etc.)
  2. Pep Rallies
  3. Intramural Sports
  4. Sports Awards Nights
  5. Cheerleading Events

Educational Workshops and Seminars

  1. Teacher Professional Development Workshops
  2. Student Leadership Workshops
  3. Parenting Workshops
  4. Technology in Education Seminars
  5. Health and Wellness Seminars

Fundraising and Community Events

  1. School Carnivals
  2. Bake Sales
  3. Charity Runs/Walks
  4. Auction Nights
  5. Community Service Days

Special Programs and Initiatives

  1. STEM Programs
  2. Literacy Programs
  3. Environmental Awareness Programs
  4. Anti-Bullying Campaigns
  5. Wellness Programs

Miscellaneous event types

  1. Yearbook Signing Party
  2. Field Trips
  3. Senior Trips
  4. School Board Meetings

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College event types

College Orientation Week Event Types At Victoria College
College event types

Academic and Educational Events

  1. Orientation Week
  2. Guest Lectures and Speaker Series
  3. Academic Conferences
  4. Career Fairs
  5. Internship Expos
  6. Research Symposiums
  7. Workshops and Seminars
  8. Entrepreneurship and Start-up Events
  9. Graduation Ceremonies

Cultural and Social Events

  1. Multicultural Festivals
  2. Film Screenings
  3. Art Exhibits
  4. Theater Productions
  5. Music Concerts
  6. Poetry Readings
  7. Comedy Nights
  8. Book Clubs and Author Visits
  9. Themed Galas

Student Life and Recreation

  1. Club and Organization Fairs
  2. Greek Life Events
  3. Intramural Sports
  4. Outdoor Adventure Trips
  5. Residence Hall Activities
  6. Health and Wellness Programs
  7. Fitness Classes (Yoga, Zumba, etc.)
  8. Mindfulness and Meditation Sessions

Sports Events

  1. Homecoming Week
  2. Football Games
  3. Basketball Games
  4. Tailgate Parties
  5. Athletic Tournaments
  6. Pep Rallies
  7. Sports Clinics

Fundraising and Community Service

  1. Charity Runs and Walks
  2. Benefit Concerts
  3. Auctions and Sales
  4. Volunteer Days
  5. Fundraising Galas

Alumni Relations

  1. Alumni Weekends
  2. Alumni Networking Events
  3. Homecoming Events
  4. Class Reunions
  5. Alumni Guest Lectures

Special Programs and Initiatives

  1. Sustainability Initiatives
  2. Health Campaigns (e.g., Mental Health Awareness Week)
  3. Diversity and Inclusion Programs
  4. Veterans Programs
  5. Entrepreneurial Competitions

Miscellaneous Events

  1. Holiday Celebrations
  2. Annual Festivals
  3. Parents and Family Weekend
  4. Safety Drills and Training
  5. Voting and Civic Engagement Activities

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Professional development event types

Outdoor Falconry Demonstration Incporporated Into Owaa Event Types
Professional development event types

Conferences and Seminars

  1. Industry Conferences
  2. Seminars and Webinars
  3. Panel Discussions
  4. Academic Conferences
  5. Trade Shows

Workshops and Training Sessions

  1. Skill-Building Workshops
  2. Technical Training Sessions
  3. Leadership Development Workshops
  4. Certification Courses
  5. Sales Training

Networking Events

  1. Networking Mixers
  2. Professional Association Meetings
  3. Alumni Networking Events
  4. Business Card Exchanges
  5. Speed Networking Sessions

Mentoring and Coaching

  1. Mentorship Programs
  2. Peer Coaching Sessions
  3. Executive Coaching
  4. Career Counseling Workshops
  5. Roundtable Mentoring Events

Lectures and Talks

  1. Guest Lectures
  2. Keynote Speeches
  3. TED-style Talks
  4. Book Talks with Authors
  5. Expert Q&A Sessions 

Retreats and Team Building

  1. Corporate Retreats
  2. Team Building Exercises
  3. Strategic Planning Retreats
  4. Outdoor Leadership Activities
  5. Creative Problem-Solving Workshops

Online Learning and E-Learning

  1. Virtual Conferences
  2. Online Courses
  3. Live Webinars
  4. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)
  5. Interactive E-Learning Modules

Specialized Industry Events

  1. Technical Demonstrations
  2. Product Launches
  3. Research Symposia
  4. Patent and Innovation Showcases
  5. Industry-Specific Training Days

Recognition and Awards

  1. Awards Ceremonies
  2. Recognition Dinners
  3. Employee of the Month Celebrations
  4. Innovation Awards
  5. Service Awards

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Non-profit event types

Ibpa Conference Event Types
Nonprofit event types

Fundraising Events

  1. Charity Auctions
  2. Gala Dinners
  3. Benefit Concerts
  4. Walkathons and Fun Runs
  5. Golf Tournaments
  6. Charity Balls
  7. Bake Sales
  8. Crowdfunding Campaigns
  9. Pledge Drives

Awareness and Advocacy Events

  1. Informational Seminars
  2. Public Rallies
  3. Advocacy Campaigns
  4. Panel Discussions
  5. Documentary Screenings

Community Engagement

  1. Volunteer Appreciation Events
  2. Community Service Days
  3. Local Clean-Up Events
  4. Cultural Festivals
  5. Workshops and Training for Community Members

Educational and Training Events

  1. Workshops on Topics Related to the Non-profit’s Mission
  2. Conferences and Summits
  3. Webinars and Online Courses
  4. Guest Lectures and Speaker Events
  5. Professional Development for Staff and Volunteers

Networking and Partnership Building

  1. Networking Mixers
  2. Partnership Announcements
  3. Collaborative Project Launches
  4. Stakeholder Meetings
  5. Industry Conferences

Membership Events

  1. Member-Only Dinners
  2. Annual General Meetings
  3. Membership Drives
  4. Exclusive Previews of New Initiatives
  5. Member Workshops

Special Events

  1. Anniversary Celebrations
  2. Award Ceremonies
  3. Art Exhibits
  4. Book Releases
  5. Themed Campaign Events

Social and Recreational Events

  1. Family Fun Days
  2. Outdoor Movies
  3. Picnics in the Park
  4. Sports Days
  5. Holiday Parties

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The takeaways

Now you have 150+ event types that you can plan with Sched FOR FREE with your Sched plan. So try Sched for free, now, and get let your event planning take off to new heights!

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