• Enhanced College Experience: Engaging in college events significantly enriches students’ social interactions, academic performance, and overall college life, with 90% of students affirming these events enhance their experience.
  • Skill Development: Extracurricular activities, such as workshops and seminars, are highly valued by 78% of employers for developing essential skills, providing students with practical experiences that complement their academic learning.
  • Community Building: Unlimited event participation fosters a vibrant campus community, promoting inclusivity, cultural awareness, and stronger social connections among students.
  • Mental Health Benefits: Regular participation in social events helps reduce student stress levels by 30%, contributing to better mental health and overall well-being.
  • Networking Opportunities: College events facilitate networking, with 70% of jobs found through connections made during these events, enhancing students’ career prospects.
  • Retention and Alumni Engagement: Active event participation leads to a 15% higher retention rate and fosters lasting alumni connections, with 65% of students establishing professional networks through alumni events.
  • Diverse Event Options: From academic conferences and career fairs to multicultural festivals and charity runs, the variety of events ensures there is something for every student, making campus life dynamic and engaging.

College life can be more than just lectures and exams. Imagine a campus buzzing with exciting events that bring everyone together. 

That’s why we’re here to make your college experience unforgettable. With our enhanced event planning options, you can turn every day into an opportunity for fun, learning, and community building.

Picture this: unlimited events with unlimited free participants for smaller gatherings all year round. No more restrictions, just endless possibilities to engage and excite.

Ready to elevate your campus events? Here are the top 53 college events you can organize with your Sched plan! From themed parties to insightful workshops, let’s make your college the ultimate place to be.

Ignore the importance of college events at GREAT risk!

Before we spill the bean of the top events for colleges, here is why they are important. These are the key numbers that stress the importance college events have on the overall experience, attainment, and life outcomes:

Social Interaction: 60% of students who attend events report higher social interaction.
Skill Development: 78% of employers value extracurricular activities for skill development.
Engagement: Students involved in events are 1.5 times more engaged.
Academic Performance: Event participants have a 10% higher GPA.
Mental Health: 30% lower stress among students attending social events.
Networking: 70% of jobs are found through networking facilitated by college events.
Cultural Awareness: 85% of students feel more culturally aware after attending events.
Alumni Connections: 65% of students establish professional connections through alumni events.
Retention Rates: 15% higher retention at colleges with active events.
College Experience: 90% of students believe events enhance their college experience.

Academic and educational college events

Large Lecture For College Events  The Back Of The Speakers Head Is Set Against A Large Crowd
educational college events Photo by Miguel Henriques on Unsplash


  1. Orientation Week: A week to welcome new students and introduce them to the school. It helps them adjust, make friends, and learn the ropes.
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  1. Guest Lectures and Speaker Series: Experts share their knowledge on various topics. These events enrich learning and inspire students with real-world insights.
  1. Academic Conferences: Students present and discuss research projects. They promote scholarly exchange and academic growth.
  2. Career Fairs: Events where students meet potential employers. They provide insights into various careers and job opportunities.
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  1. Internship Expos: Showcases of internship opportunities for students. They connect students with valuable work experiences.
  2. Research Symposiums: Students and faculty present their research findings. They foster a culture of inquiry and innovation.
  3. Workshops and Seminars: Interactive sessions on specific skills and topics. They enhance learning through hands-on experience and expert guidance.
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  1. Entrepreneurship and Start-up Events: Events focused on business creation and innovation. They inspire future entrepreneurs and provide practical insights into starting a business.
  2. Graduation Ceremonies: Celebrations of students completing their studies. They mark significant achievements and the start of new journeys.

BONUS ADVICE – If this section has been of value to you, then here are even more educational events for college students

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Cultural and social college events

College Events At The University Of Chicago. A Large Crowd In A Fancy Hall With People Wearing Brown And Holding Banners
College orientation College events at the University of Chicago via via Uchicago


  1. Multicultural Festivals: Celebrate diverse cultures with food, music, and activities. They promote inclusivity and cultural awareness.
  2. Film Screenings: Show movies that educate or entertain. They provide a shared experience and spark discussion.
  3. Art Exhibits: Display student artwork. They encourage creativity and let students showcase their talents.
  4. Theater Productions: Students perform plays and musicals. These events develop confidence and teamwork.
  5. Music Concerts: Students perform in bands, orchestras, or choirs. They highlight musical skills and bring the community together.
  6. Poetry Readings: Students share their poetry. These readings foster self-expression and appreciation for literature.
  7. Comedy Nights: Students perform stand-up or skits. They create a fun atmosphere and build performance skills.
  8. Book Clubs and Author Visits: Discuss books and meet authors. They inspire a love for reading and connect students with writers.
  9. Themed Galas: Host elegant, themed events. They build school spirit and provide memorable experiences.

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Student life and recreational college events


Social College Events  Group Of People Having A Conversation In A Bright Room With Soft Drinks
Social college events Photo by Product School on Unsplash 


  1. Club and Organization Fairs: Showcase various student clubs and organizations. They help students find groups that match their interests and foster community.
  2. Greek Life Events: Activities hosted by fraternities and sororities. They build camaraderie, leadership, and community service.
  3. Intramural Sports: Casual sports competitions for all students. They promote fitness, fun, and friendly competition.
  4. Outdoor Adventure Trips: Group trips to explore nature, like hiking or camping. They encourage teamwork and a love for the outdoors.
  5. Residence Hall Activities: Events and programs in dormitories. They build a sense of community and make living on campus enjoyable.
  6. Health and Wellness Programs: Initiatives focused on physical and mental health. They support students’ overall well-being and healthy lifestyles.
  7. Fitness Classes (Yoga, Zumba, etc.): Group exercise sessions. They provide a fun way to stay fit and relieve stress.
  8. Mindfulness and Meditation Sessions: Guided sessions to practice mindfulness and meditation. They help students manage stress and improve mental clarity.

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Sporting college events

College Events Basketball Court Filled With Fans And Players
Basketball College Events Photo by Hannah Gibbs on Unsplash


  1. Homecoming Week: A week of events celebrating school spirit and alumni. It fosters community pride and reconnects past and present students.
  2. Football Games: Exciting matches between school teams. They bring the community together and boost school spirit.
  3. Basketball Games: Competitive games that showcase student-athletes. They energize the crowd and create school pride.
  4. Tailgate Parties: Pre-game gatherings with food and fun. They enhance the game-day experience and build camaraderie.
  5. Athletic Tournaments: Competitions in various sports. They promote teamwork, sportsmanship, and school pride.
  6. Pep Rallies: Energetic events to cheer on school teams. They boost morale and unify students in support of their athletes.
  7. Sports Clinics: Training sessions to improve athletic skills. They help students develop their talents and passion for sports.

Fundraising and community service college events 

Fundraising College Events  Large Group Of People Gathered On The Street For A Sponsored Run
Fundraising college events Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash


  1. Charity Runs and Walks: Participants run or walk to raise money for causes. They promote fitness and community involvement while supporting important charities.
  2. Benefit Concerts: Musical performances to raise funds for specific causes. They combine entertainment with philanthropy, drawing support from the community.
  3. Auctions and Sales: Events where items are sold to the highest bidder. They raise significant funds for school projects and programs.
  4. Volunteer Days: Days dedicated to community service activities. They teach students the value of giving back and strengthening community ties.
  5. Fundraising Galas: Elegant events to raise money for school initiatives. They bring together donors and supporters for a night of celebration and giving.

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Alumni relations college events


  1. Alumni Weekends: Multi-day events for alumni to reconnect with their alma mater. They strengthen alumni bonds and celebrate school traditions.
  2. Alumni Networking Events: Gatherings for former students to connect professionally. They create opportunities for career growth and collaboration.
  3. Homecoming Events: Celebrations that welcome back alumni with various activities. They boost school spirit and unite past and present students.
  4. Class Reunions: Events where alumni from the same graduating class reunite. They rekindle friendships and share memories.
  5. Alumni Guest Lectures: Former students return to share their expertise. They provide valuable insights and inspire current students.

Special programs and initiatives

Globelet Reusable Sustainability College Events  Row Of Baristas Making Coffee For Event Goers With Reusable Cups
Globelet Reusable Photo by Globelet Reusable on Unsplash


  1. Sustainability Initiatives: Programs focused on promoting environmental responsibility. They teach students about sustainable practices and help reduce the school’s ecological footprint.
  2. Health Campaigns (e.g., Mental Health Awareness Week): Events and activities promoting health and wellness. They raise awareness, provide resources, and support a healthy school community.
  3. Diversity and Inclusion Programs: Initiatives to celebrate and promote diversity. They foster an inclusive environment where all students feel valued and respected.
  4. Veterans Programs: Support and recognition for students and staff who are veterans. They honor their service and provide resources and community connections.
  5. Entrepreneurial Competitions: Contests where students develop and pitch business ideas. They encourage innovation, creativity, and practical business skills.

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Miscellaneous college events

Improvisation College Events  Audience In Chairs Listening To Expert Improver
Improvisation college events


  1. Holiday Celebrations: Events celebrating various holidays throughout the year. They foster a festive spirit and bring the school community together.
  2. Annual Festivals: Yearly events with games, food, and entertainment. They boost school spirit and provide fun for students and families.
  3. Parents and Family Weekend: Special weekends inviting families to experience campus life. They strengthen the connection between families and the school.
  4. Safety Drills and Training: Practice sessions for emergency procedures. They ensure students and staff are prepared for potential emergencies.
  5. Voting and Civic Engagement Activities: Events encouraging participation in civic duties like voting. They educate students on civic responsibilities and promote active citizenship.

BONUS ADVICE – Even though these events are ‘miscellaneous’, that doesn’t mean they are not just as vital as the rest of these college events. And if you feel like skipping them to save money, think again. With our guide to saving on your Event Budget, all these college events are there for the planning! 

The takeaways

With unlimited events and free participation for smaller gatherings, your college campus can thrive with a dynamic and engaging calendar all year long.

From stimulating academic conferences and enriching cultural festivals to exciting sports competitions and impactful fundraising activities, there’s always something to captivate and motivate every student.

PLUS, here are even more: 150+ event types you can plan with Sched for free. 

But that’s enough reading about what Sched can do for your college events. Now it’s time to see for yourself. Try sched for free now! 

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