• Avoid orientation week chaos: disorganized orientation can leave new students feeling lost and uninformed, hindering their social integration and creating negative first impressions of college life. This chaotic start compromises essential navigation of critical resources—from academic support to mental health services—and dampens their enthusiasm and confidence, essential for a successful academic journey.
  • Enhanced scheduling with sched: Sched’s platform can streamline the creation and sharing of interactive, mobile-friendly schedules, allowing for instant updates and efficient management of multiple sessions and locations, thereby improving the overall orientation experience.
  • Effective communication tools: The software facilitates better communication through real-time updates and customizable scheduling options, ensuring students are well-informed and can make the most out of their orientation week.
  • Customization and engagement: Sched allows for personalization of student schedules and provides tools for enhanced engagement, such as self-check-in and customized mobile apps, promoting a positive and personalized orientation experience.
  • Streamlined registration process: With Sched, managing sign-ups and attendance becomes effortless, reducing common issues associated with manual processes and allowing organizers to focus more on delivering a memorable orientation week.

Welcome to your guide to transforming university orientation week from chaos to clarity!

Remember the excitement of your first day at college? Now imagine if it had been disorganized and overwhelming. Unfortunately, this is often the reality for many new students. A chaotic orientation can hinder access to crucial resources like academic support and mental health services, negatively impacting their integration and confidence.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Enter Sched—a revolutionary platform that streamlines event scheduling and communication. With Sched, you can create interactive, mobile-friendly schedules that update in real-time, ensuring every student is well-informed and engaged from the start.

Ready to make orientation week a seamless and memorable experience? Keep reading to discover how Sched can help set the stage for a successful college journey for every student. Let’s get started!

What happens when orientation week doesn’t go well?

College Orientation Week At Victoria College
College orientation week at Victoria College via Utoronto

As a university event planner, I know the importance of a well-organized orientation week—it sets the stage for our students’ entire college journey.

A chaotic orientation can prevent students from accessing essential resources such as academic support and mental health services, and it can make it difficult for them to find their community, impacting their social integration and overall college experience.

Additionally, a disorganized start can leave a lasting negative impression of our campus, undermining students’ enthusiasm and confidence right from the beginning.

It’s crucial that we deliver a seamless orientation that helps every student feel prepared, connected, and excited about their future here. If there are hiccups along the way, it’s important to guide students on how to navigate these challenges and get back on track. Effective planning and execution of orientation week are pivotal in setting our students up for success.

How event management tools can streamline your orientation week scheduling

Event Schedule Event App

Planning college orientation week can be complex, but Sched is here to simplify it for you. Our event management software offers a comprehensive platform that enhances the scheduling process, making it smooth and straightforward.

Efficient Scheduling at Your Fingertips

Create and share interactive, mobile-friendly schedules effortlessly. Our platform saves you time and boosts attendee engagement, ensuring students easily find and participate in events that interest them.

Instant Updates, Zero Hassle

With Sched, last-minute changes are no longer a headache. Our integrated communication tools update every part of your schedule instantly, keeping everyone informed and on track.

Simplified Event Planning

Manage multiple sessions and locations without the stress. Our clear, color-coded system allows for real-time adjustments to room capacities and session times, all from one central dashboard.

Personalize and Engage

Allow students to personalize their schedules and check-in via our mobile app. Customize the app with your school’s branding to enhance the experience and promote your identity.

How to Create an Event Schedule that Will WOW Your Attendees from Sched Support on Vimeo.


Case Study: Streamlined event scheduling in action

See how Egg Harbor Township used Sched to streamline and strengthen their event scheduling! 

How event management tools can streamline orientation week registrations

Event Registration System  Session Controls


Navigating the chaos of college orientation week registrations? Sched’s event registration software makes the process straightforward and efficient.

Effortless Event Registrations

Bid farewell to manual sign-ups and attendance tracking headaches. Our online event registration platform allows you to easily manage sign-ups and track attendance all in one place, ensuring a seamless experience for both organizers and attendees.

Stay Up-to-Date, Always

Worried about last-minute changes? Sched keeps everyone informed with integrated communication tools that update your entire schedule and registration details instantly.

Centralize Your Planning

Forget juggling multiple systems. Sched provides a unified platform that keeps an overview of multiple sessions across various locations clear and manageable, helping you avoid the common pitfalls of complicated scheduling.

Customizable and User-Friendly

Launch customizable sign-up forms, manage ticket sales, and even integrate with third-party systems like Eventbrite. Our platform is designed to save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on making your orientation week a success.

Optimize Attendance Management

With features like self-check-in and the ability to add last-minute attendees, Sched ensures that keeping track of event attendance is easy and error-free. Export detailed attendance reports and data with just a few clicks.

Simple Ways to Elevate Your Ticketing & Registration Process from Sched Support on Vimeo.


Case Study: Streamlined event registrations in action

Discover how Integra Schools was able to streamline their event registration with Sched!

Communicating with orientation week participants and handling last-minute changes!

Backtoschool Night Communication Ideas
BacktoSchool Night communication ideas

Effective communication during college orientation week is crucial for ensuring that students feel welcomed and informed. Here are some strategic approaches to enhance communication with participants:

Engage Early and Often

  1. Pre-Arrival Communications: Start engaging with students as early as March using a mix of emails, social media posts, and personalized messages. This builds anticipation and prepares them for what to expect.
  2. Welcome Packages: Send out welcome packages that include orientation schedules, campus maps, and swag. This not only excites students but also gives them tangible resources to navigate their new environment.

Adjusting Academic Activities

  • Flexibility in Scheduling: Recognize that academic activities, such as seminars or workshops, might need adjustments in timing due to their complexity. Utilize event management software that allows for easy modifications in the schedule, accommodating different time requirements based on the complexity of the material and the personal reading speed of attendees.
  • Real-time Communication: Ensure that any changes in the schedule are immediately communicated to participants through the event management platform. This prevents any confusion and ensures students are always aware of where they need to be.

How event planning software makes orientation week communication and handling last-minute changes super easy! 

Event Lobby And Announcements Channels

When managing orientation week, communication is key, especially when unexpected changes occur. Sched’s event app is designed to enhance engagement and ensure seamless communication across all platforms.

Engage and Amplify Your Brand

Create unforgettable moments and amplify your organization’s presence with an event app that works flawlessly across devices. Whether on mobile or web, Sched helps you give attendees a unique, branded experience that promotes your event effectively.

Integrated Communication Tools

No need to stress over last-minute changes. Our integrated tools ensure that all participants, from students to faculty, stay informed with real-time updates through mobile push notifications and emails. This keeps everyone on the same page and adjusts quickly to any scheduling changes.

Streamline Your Event Planning

Eliminate the confusion of using multiple systems. Sched’s all-in-one app provides a centralized platform where you can manage all aspects of your event. From an attendee directory and session information to venue maps, everything is accessible in one place.

Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere

Our app supports offline functionality, so even in areas with limited Wi-Fi or cell service, attendees can still access and interact with the schedule. This ensures that everyone can stay engaged and informed, no matter where they are on campus.

By using Sched’s event management app, you ensure that communication during orientation week is efficient, effective, and engaging, making it easier to manage last-minute changes and keep everyone updated.

Case Study: Streamlined event communication in action

See how Malden Public Schools was able to communication key info and changes to their attendees with Sched!

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