• Unlimited events: Enjoy limitless event planning and free participation for smaller gatherings.
  • Strong school-home connections: Boost engagement with events like Back-to-School Night and Parent-Teacher Conferences.
  • Cultural appreciation: Celebrate diversity through Multicultural Festivals and Art Shows.
  • Enhanced school spirit: Build community with sports competitions, pep rallies, and cheerleading events.
  • Professional development: Improve teaching and student leadership skills with specialized workshops and seminars.

K-12 schools thrive on engagement and community. But without a calendar full of enriching events, they fall short.

That’s why we’re adding MORE value to our plans. Now, you can plan without limits, and make your K-12 schools the best version of themselves they can be. Here’s the deal:

Enjoy unlimited events and unlimited free participants for smaller gatherings all year round.

To inspire your next school event, here are the top 45 events for K-12 schools you can organize with your Sched plan!

Academic events for K-12 schools

Teacher Leading A Lecture In Class For K12 Schools With Blue Wall And Slides Profection On A Screen
Academic events for K12 schools


  1. Back-to-School Night: Parents meet teachers and get a snapshot of the upcoming school year. It’s essential for building strong home-school connections and setting expectations.
  1. Parent-Teacher Conferences: Parents and teachers discuss student progress and challenges. These meetings are crucial for personalized feedback and collaborative problem-solving.
  1. Science Fairs: Students showcase experiments and projects. They inspire curiosity, creativity, and a love for science.
  2. Spelling Bees: Students compete in spelling challenging words. These events boost vocabulary, confidence, and public speaking skills.
  3. Math Competitions: Students solve complex math problems under pressure. They encourage critical thinking and foster a love for mathematics.
  4. Reading Challenges: Students are motivated to read more books. These challenges improve literacy skills and develop a lifelong reading habit.
  5. Career Days: Professionals talk about their jobs and career paths. They help students explore future career options and understand real-world applications of their studies.
  1. College Fairs: Colleges present their programs to prospective students. They provide vital information for making informed decisions about higher education.
  2. Graduation Ceremonies: Students celebrate completing a major educational milestone. These ceremonies mark significant achievements and transition to the next life phase.
  3. Honor Roll Celebrations: Students are recognized for academic excellence. These celebrations motivate students to strive for high academic performance.
  4. Student-led conferences: Students present their progress to parents and teachers. They foster responsibility, self-assessment, and communication skills.

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Cultural and social events for K-12 schools

Many Parents Watching A K12 Schools Music Performance
K12 schools music performance


  1. Multicultural Festivals: Celebrate diverse cultures with food, music, and traditions. They promote inclusivity and appreciation for different backgrounds.
  2. Art Shows: Students display their artwork. These shows highlight creativity and artistic expression, building confidence in young artists.
  3. Drama Productions: Students perform plays and skits. Drama fosters teamwork, creativity, and public speaking skills.
  4. Music Concerts (Band, Orchestra, Choir): Students perform musical pieces. These concerts showcase talent and build discipline and teamwork.
  5. Dance Performances: Students perform choreographed dances. They encourage physical fitness, expression, and coordination.
  6. Book Fairs: Students and families buy books from a wide selection. Book fairs promote reading and literacy while raising funds for the school.
  7. School Dances (Prom, Homecoming): Students enjoy themed dances with friends. These events build community and create lasting memories.
  8. Talent Shows: Students showcase various talents, from singing to magic tricks. Talent shows celebrate individuality and build confidence.
  9. Holiday Celebrations: Schools celebrate different holidays with events and activities. They bring the community together and teach cultural traditions.
  10. Movie Nights: Schools screen movies for students and families. These nights provide a fun, relaxed way to build community and enjoy time together.

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Sports events for K-12 schools

K12 Schools Basketball Team Taking A Timeout While Band Plays In The Background
K12 schools sports events Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash


  1. Sports Competitions (Football, Basketball, etc.): Students compete in various sports. These competitions promote teamwork, physical fitness, and school spirit.
  2. Pep Rallies: Students gather to cheer for their sports teams. Pep rallies boost school spirit and unify the student body.
  3. Intramural Sports: Students play organized sports within the school. These activities encourage participation, fitness, and fun.
  4. Sports Awards Nights: Athletes are honored for their achievements. These nights recognize hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship.
  5. Cheerleading Events: Cheerleaders perform routines at games and competitions. These events showcase athleticism and school pride.

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Educational workshops and seminars for K-12 schools


  1. Teacher Professional Development Workshops: Teachers enhance their skills and learn new strategies. These workshops improve teaching quality and student outcomes.
  1. Student Leadership Workshops: Students learn leadership skills and strategies. They empower future leaders and foster responsibility.
  2. Parenting Workshops: Parents gain insights and tools for supporting their children. These workshops strengthen family-school partnerships and improve student well-being.
  3. Technology in Education Seminars: Educators and parents learn about new educational technologies. These seminars help integrate tech effectively in the classroom.
  4. Health and Wellness Seminars: Students, teachers, and parents learn about health and wellness. They promote healthy lifestyles and well-being in the school community.

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Fundraising and community events for K-12 schools

Caudleading The Way Attendees Wearing Merch For Community Building Events For K12 Schools
K12 schools event types


  1. School Carnivals: Fun events with games, rides, and food. They build community spirit and raise funds for the school.
  2. Bake Sales: Students and parents sell homemade baked goods. These sales raise money for school activities and teach fundraising skills.
  3. Charity Runs/Walks: Participants run or walk to raise money for causes. These events promote fitness and social responsibility.
  4. Auction Nights: Items are auctioned to raise funds for the school. These nights bring the community together and support school programs.
  5. Community Service Days: Students and staff volunteer in local projects. They foster a sense of giving back and civic responsibility.
  6. Special Programs and Initiatives: Unique school events or projects aimed at specific goals. They address various needs and interests, enhancing the educational experience.

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STEM programs for K-12 schools

Screenshot Of Attendees At Stemxyouth Summit For K21 Schools
STEMxYouth Summit for K21 Schools


  1. Literacy Programs: Initiatives to improve reading and writing skills. They foster a love for reading and enhance academic performance.
  2. Environmental Awareness Programs: Activities focused on learning about and protecting the environment. They encourage sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.
  3. Anti-Bullying Campaigns: Programs aimed at preventing bullying and promoting kindness. They create a safer, more inclusive school environment.
  4. Wellness Programs: Initiatives promoting physical and mental health. They support overall well-being and healthy lifestyle choices for students and staff.

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Miscellaneous event types for K-12 schools

Outdoor Falconry Demonstration Incporporated Into Events For K12 Schools
K12 schools event types


  1. Yearbook Signing Party: Students gather to sign each other’s yearbooks. It’s a fun way to celebrate memories and friendships.
  2. Field Trips: Students visit educational sites outside of school. These trips provide hands-on learning and real-world experiences.
  3. Senior Trips: Graduating students go on a special trip together. These trips create lasting memories and celebrate their accomplishments.
  4. School Board Meetings: Officials discuss and make decisions about school policies. These meetings ensure transparency and community involvement in school governance.

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The takeaways

With unlimited events and free participation for smaller gatherings, your K-12 schools can enjoy a vibrant calendar year-round. 

There’s something to inspire everyone. From academic and cultural events to sports and fundraising activities.

PLUS, here are even more: 150+ event types you can plan with Sched for free. 

But that’s enough reading about what Sched can do for K-12 schools. Now it’s time to see for yourself. Try sched for free now! 


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